Black vs White Projector Screen: Everything You Need To Know

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People usually don’t pay much attention to the screen when picking up projectors for content streaming. There weren’t many options available a few years back, but today we have several options like a black vs white projector screen. So, knowing which to choose matters if you are up for the best content experience.


What is a white projector screen?

For a long time, white screens were the only type of screens available for projectors. It is because the white color was better at reflecting light, and it didn’t mess with the colors of the content. Today if you want to buy a projector screen, you will find most white options, and some projectors even ship with their white screens included.


What is a black projector screen?

These days we pay more attention to the blacks in any video. TVs switching to the OLED technology provide better blacks, and the black projector screen material also provides better results in darker video regions. Apart from that, the brighter sections and the colors also appear good on the black screen.


With white screens staying common for a long time yet black screens showing much better results, you may think is a projector better on a white or black screen.

The main factors you must consider while selecting your screen

While selecting black or white projector screen outdoor products, you must know which factors make the difference in your experience. Here are the three main factors to consider while selecting your projector screen.

Color Quality

The color quality of the display you get from the projector is the first thing. You will need the best colors; depending on the environment, black projector screen fabric will give the best colors when rooms are not completely dark. The white or gray screens for dark rooms will make the colors pop more.


You may also need to consider the available options because black screens are not that common. So, you must know how to make a black projector screen. If you don’t find the black projector screen pull-down options for your desired size. On the other hand, white and gray screens might be readily available.


The reflectiveness of the screen makes a huge difference in picture quality as light reflects from it, and the environment becomes illuminated. It also affects the angles you can watch the screen from. While white screens can be watched from any angle due to their reflectiveness, black screens may not provide the same experience from every angle.

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Why is white screen standard?

White projector screens have been the standard for a long time. It is usually because the white color is better at reflecting light and not interfering with the colors. However, there are cons to it that make you think are black projector screens better than white.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Projector Screen Issues

These issues include light being reflected nearby walls, which ruins the experience unless your room is completely dark. Other than that, stains and dust on the white screen in more visible. So, the argument “is a black projector screen better” becomes even stronger.

Black vs White projector screen: Which one’s better?

What color screen is best for a projector? Is white or gray better for a projector screen? Does a projector need a white screen? All these questions can be answered by keeping your requirements in front. If you want a screen for a room with many ambient lights, black screens will offer better darks.

It is because all the light in the darker regions will be absorbed, while the white screens may not offer the same darks. On the other hand, using a white screen will not be an issue if you have a special home theater room. You may use a projector with low lumens indoors with grey screens.


While comparing black vs white projector screens, you may think, “does projector screen color matter?”. While selecting between a black and white screen for projector outdoor usage, the main thing to consider is your environment. If you have a dark environment, the white screen may be good, but for brighter places or compact rooms, going for black may be a better option.

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