5 Alternatives to What Kind of Material Can I Use as a Projector Screen

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Projectors have long been used as entertainment solutions without a TV. The best thing about projectors is that you can easily set them virtually anywhere. Amazingly, you can use different materials to make projector screens without investing anything. Some of the common examples of what can I use as a projector screen are given below.


These options allow you to easily find the best projector screen alternatives to set up your home theater.

What Can I Use As A Projector Screen? 5 Alternatives

Fortunately, you can use different things to create a projector screen anywhere. Let’s find out more about what can I use as a projector screen below.

So, here we go:

A White Bedsheet

This is arguably the go-to material to use as a screen. You just need to get a stand to drape or hang it. Always ensure to keep it wrinkle-free for the best experience.

Use A Blank Wall

A blank wall is one of the easiest solutions to use as a projector screen. This is arguably the most cost-effective screen wall solution, which is incredibly versatile too. With this option, you can set up your projector anywhere without spending a penny.

Amazingly, using a blank wall won’t cut off your image due to size, which is arguably an impressive feature.

Cardboard with White Paint

If you don’t have a tape and stand to hang other projector screen options we have enlisted, then this can be your go-to solution. Cardboard with white paint is a low-maintenance and rigid material.

To ensure the best picture quality, get the paint with a matte finish.

A Shower Curtain

Any ordinary shower curtain can also work amazing for a projector screen. You should always prefer to use something with a matte finish to avoid any glare during the movie or show.

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is another suitable alternative frequently lying around the house. Even if you don’t have that at home, you can easily buy it from any store at a cheap price. Always ensure to choose thick and sturdy wrapping paper featuring a glossy white bottom.

Avoid using thin wrapping paper, as it can tear apart very easily. Cut the wrapping paper an appropriate size, and hang it on a wooden frame.

Most importantly, wrapping paper isn’t the right option if you have to create a projector screen in a windy setting.

What Material Can I Use For A Projector Screen?

Generally, a blackout cloth is always the best solution for your screen projector. Although other materials we have mentioned above also work well. However, a blackout cloth is best because it is a cost-effective solution. Moreover, it can absorb light from your projector, making the colors stand out more.

What can I use as a rear projection screen is another common question here. Some suggested options to use for rear or front projection include:

  • Scrim
  • Muslin
  • Voile
  • Show Stretch IFR
  • Celtic Cloth IFR

However a plain white sheet can also work amazing for the display of the projector. However, you should hang it properly to avoid folds, wrinkles, or movement.