Top 5 Best Motorized Projector Screen – Reviews {Buying Guide}

Motorized projector screens are known to be a form of projector screen mounted on the wall top. It is attached to the motor which you can control with a remote. These screens are also known as wall-ceiling-mounted screens.

Hence, the projected screens are divided into two main types, i.e., motorized and manual. A manual screen is often painted with white walls, which are permanently set up. You will often see them in movie theaters. The best motorized projector screen is portable with the attachment of floor-rising or tripod models. You will often see them in educational institutes or office meetings.

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List of Top 5 Best Motorized Projector Screens 2024 – Reviews

Here we have some quick and great options for you below to pick an excellent model of a motorized projector screen. Finalize your choice with the list of the top 5 best-motorized projector screen reviews 2024 shared below. Let’s get into the discussion:

1. Best 4K: Elite Screens Spectrum Projector Screen

“A great projector screen for the 4K and 8K image quality to have an exciting display experience.”


Our Rating:


What we liked:

  • Maximum white screen display
  • Extra-wide view angle
  • Does not have a light penetration
  • 4K extra ultra HD
  • Easy in wash
  • Already pre-assembled

What could be better:

  • Customer help service needs improvement

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Well, this is a larger Elite screen which measures 180 inches diagonally. Well, this screen has the actual viewing size. Plus, the aspect ratio of this screen is 16:9. It is even available in the black casing, where the borders are in the black shade of screening. The best thing about this screen is that it will completely enhance the real beauty of the screen contrast to an advanced level.

In addition, the screen material of this amazing Elite screen is Max White where it is having a gain of 1.1. Moreover, this best 4k motorized projector screen has a 180-degree wide viewing angle with which you can make it sit in any position and grab excellent image quality. The backside of the screen has a full black coloration to block any light coming from the backside.

It has a textured surface, and hence you can use the front projection for projecting the image over the screen. To make fun of the best quality 4K Ultra HD image over the screen, it offers you access to active 3D projection. The screen is 100% resistant to mildew and can easily be cleaned with soap and mild water.

2. Best Pull-Down: Akia Screens Motorized Electric Remote Controlled Projector Screen

“A perfect pull-down projector screen for your daily use to have an outstanding screen display.”


Our Rating:


What we liked:

  • Supports the usage of 4K, 8K, and 3D videos
  • Adjustable range of aspect ratios of 4:3, 16:9 and 2.35:1
  • Noise-free
  • Better quality visuals with black screen coating
  • Superior quality of MaxWhite front screen fabric

What could be better:

  • Remote connectivity needs improvement
  • The roll-up/down motion is not smooth enough

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Akia is a well-known brand of delivers some great quality projector screens all over the world. Being a trusted brand, we have one such outstanding example of Akia Screens’ 150-inch Motorized screen!

This best pull-down projector screen is available with a flat screen and the remote control and with the trigger to fully synch the screen through the projector power cycle.

Based on the usage requirements, you are free to either make it hang down the ceiling or mount it on the wall. You can control this best home projection screen with the easy remote-controlled drop-down/up.

Its front screen display has a coating of MaxWhite matte finishing material with a viewing angle of 180 degrees. The screen is fully compatible with 8K, 4K, Ultra HD, and 3D videos with the outlook of some amazing high-definition bright images.

It has a gain of around 1.0 with a customizable aspect ratio of 16:9. You will find access to a 147 x 8.46 x 8.46 inches screen with a diagonal length of 150 inches. The overall casing of the screen is durable with added suspensions and has the course of synchronized motors for noise elimination.

3. Best for Home Theater: Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen

“For an outstanding home theater experience, have this projector screen with a high contrast ratio.”


Our Rating:


What we liked:

  • Reasonable
  • Excellent image quality
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to operate

What could be better:

  • The manual installation guide is not clear enough

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Being ideal for daily home theater use, this projector screen has a high contrast ratio to keep you inside your budget range. It is available with the Infrared (IR) remote and a few more simple control options for easy usage. Well, this includes an RF remote with a low-voltage 3-way wall box.

The motor functioning of the screen is quiet and easy to operate with its up-down function. You can control this best projector screen for home theater with the help of an IR remote. You can give your screen and projector full synchronization with a 12V trigger as a unique feature of this motorized screen.

Screen finishing is Max White for providing crisp, bright, and extra clear images. The screen also generates a 160° viewing angle to make it viewable from just about anywhere inside the room. It has a surface that is easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily.

4. Best Outdoor: Aoxun Motorized Projector Screen

“A perfect combination of HD and Ultra HD screen projector for your outdoor use.”


Our Rating:


What we liked:

  • Easy in installation
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable

What could be better:

  • Lacks in mounting hardware

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To have an HD and Ultra HD projector available by your side, the Aoxun 120″ Motorized Projector Screen is available for you right here. You will find this screen to be perfectly used for your daily indoor and outdoor usage. Plus, it often features a multilayer matte white PVC display. If you want to control the ambient light, then choosing this projector screen is the ideal option. You will find it easy to clean with soap and water.

Plus, it is available with a powerful black casing with plastic ends for extra protection. In terms of screen fabric, it has professional top-grade cinema fabric matte white for excellent display. The viewing angle of this best outdoor projector screen is 180° with a viewing area of 97″W x 72″H. Well, this is how the real beauty of the screen will work for you during projection.

5. Best Office Use: VIVIDSTORM Office Presentation Tension Screen

“Use this great projector screen for office meetings or presentations with ultra-high results in viewing images.”


Our Rating:


What we liked:

  • Vivid colors with deep blacks while using it with the UST projector
  • Rejects the ambient light from above the screen
  • Easy to get controlled in four various ways

What could be better:

  • Lateral light might get blocked worse

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Vividstorm Office Presentation Tension Screen acts as an Ultra Short Throw (UST) laser projector placed directly under the main screen. They have a special surface coating, which is needed for projecting the image at a wide angle. For office presentation purposes, using this screen is the best option.

Vividstorm PRO Slimline Tension screen has a horizontal linear structure that can block almost 97% of ambient light. This often brings a lush light effect in the dim room, which brings some effective results against the overhead lights. Gray material somehow increases the contrast to have an amazing experience while playing games or watching movies.

Moreover, this best screen for the projector is also available with a Tab-tension system for maintaining a flat surface to fulfill all your demanding needs. The screen has a viewing angle of 170 degrees. Well, the screen is already available with all needed mounts, wall switch, radio, infrared frequency range, and wireless 12V projector trigger.

How to Choose the Best-motorized Projector Screen? Buying Guide 2024

Below we have outlined a few of the important factors that you need to consider when buying the best motorized projector screen for your daily use. Let’s get into the discussion of the buying guide:

Size (Diagonal and View Area)


People are always thrilled to opt for larger screen images. By incorporating the screen with the 3D effect, you will have a real-time experience in the virtual reality effects. Well, this is all because the bigger size will grant you with larger viewing area. The majority of the motorized projector screens have a sizing range of 100-190 inches which is excellent to choose from.

Screen Color

Another major factor to know about is the color of the best projector screen. You are left with just two options which are white and gray. But most of the projector screens are white.

The usage of a grey screen helps to absorb the light better compared to a white screen. We highly recommend you choose a grey screen and not the white one.

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle is the measurement that defines the maximum angle for viewing images through the screen center. In this way, you will be able to view the images at the right angle.

Hence, the high-gain projector screens have a lower viewing angle. But almost all the motorized screen projectors have relatively high gain. Most motorized projector screens have a viewing angle of 160⁰(very few at 180⁰), which works best for both home and office use.

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Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

1. What is a motorized projector screen all about?

Motorized projector screen hence reflects all the light which is falling on the surface. These screens are generally used for projection purposes.

2. Do 4K videos require a special screen?

It is always important to look for a screen supporting 4K viewing on the screen’s surface. They do have smaller grits for capturing the pixels perfectly.

3. At what distance should you place the projector from the screen?

If the screen is 100 inches, it should be placed at a distance of 122-132 inches. But if the screen is 120 inches, it should be placed at a distance of around 145-160 inches. For the 150 inches larger screen, the projector’s distance should be 184 to 200 inches from the projector.

Our Verdict

Elite Screens Spectrum Projector Screen is a great option to experience 4K viewing angles. This screen will completely enhance the real beauty of screen contrast to an advanced level.

To have a pull-down screen, we bring for Akia Screens a 150-inch Motorized Electric Remote Controlled Projector Screen. This best pull-down projector screen comes with the use of a flat screen along with the remote control.

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