7 Highly Effective Tips To Remove Noise Reduction Of A Projector

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Projectors are highly useful to add a cool effect to an event and enhance presentations. At the same time, projectors are popular for being noisy, and we all hate the constant buzz created by projectors. Fan noise is another big challenge faced by projector owners. Even though projector fans are important to keep it cool throughout its working, projector lamps are vulnerable to heating. Therefore, knowing tips to remove noise reduction from a projector can be very helpful.


Why does a projector cause noise?

Fortunately, there are a few ways to tackle the noise of a projector in the best possible way. However, first, you need to understand why a projector makes noise.

  • Firstly, you might haven’t set your projector to silent mode.
  • Dust on the lens or rotation sensor can also cause noise in a projector.
  • If your projector’s fan isn’t working properly, it may cause a screeching or whistling noise.
  • The lamp inside the projector is also one of the most common noise-causing issues. It might be making a grinding sound or vibrating in a specific manner.
  • On the other hand, there can be a problem with your projector’s cooling system. Even more, the availability of dampening material inside the cabinet of the projector can also make it louder than otherwise.

So, these are some of the major reasons your projector makes noise.

7 Tips To Remove Noise Reduction Of A Projector

Do you want to know some of the best ways you can help reduce the noise of a projector? Here we have some of the most effective tips to remove noise reduction from a projector.

So, here we go:

1- Change The Mode Or Settings Of The Projector

To reduce the noise of your projector, you need to adjust three settings. These include:

  • Check the color mode to see which mode it uses to project the image. Switching the setting to cinema mode or any other less energy-consuming mode can be effective to consider.
  • Check the high-altitude mode of your projector. Turn it off to reduce the noise.
  • In some projectors, there are eco and normal modes available. Switch it to eco to keep things balanced and less noisy.

2- Cleanliness Is Always Important

Dust and dirt can make it difficult to decrease the airflow of your projector. This will make it hard for your projector fan to keep it cool. It will ultimately cause more noise. So, it is always important to clean the fan of your projector from unwanted dust and dirt. Consequently, it will help in the noise reduction of your projector.

Suppose your projector fan isn’t working efficiently despite being cleaned regularly. Then you should consider replacing it with a more efficient and better fan.


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3- Soften Your Project Venue

Putting your projector on a hard surface can reflect sound more than otherwise. So, placing your projector on soft surfaces such as linoleum flooring or carpeted flooring instead of wood or concrete is always better. This practice will help you to reduce the projector’s noise.

4- Check The Color Wheel.

Is your projector creating a buzzing sound consistently even after setting different modes? Then you need to consider color wheel repairing. Here are the steps you need to create to check and repair the projector’s color wheel:

  • Open the cover of your projector to repair its color wheel.
  • Locate your color wheel and turn your projector on.
  • Now find out which wheel is grinding when spinning
  • You can choose one of the two solutions to get rid of this.

Firstly, straighten the alignment of your color wheel by losing its screws. This can be used when your color wheel is grinding with a part of your projector.

Secondly, remove the unwanted curve using sandpaper.

This process will help you in the noise reduction of a projector.

5- Distance Matters

6.6 feet is the ideal distance to sit away from your projector. A 30db projector is barely audible from this distance. Is your projector hanging up with the ceiling? Avoid sitting under it directly for noise reduction. Moreover, putting your projector behind the screen (if possible) will let you remove its noise completely.

6- Avoid Using The Projector For Longer.

Never use your projector continuously for longer. Just like anything else, it needs some rest after every continuous use. This same condition applies to your projector. Rest your projector for some time to let it cool down. Not doing so will make your projector bulb produce more heat due to continuous use. Due to this, the projector fan will have to work harder, and ultimately, it will produce more noise.

7- Hush Box Your Projector

Encasing your projector in a hush box is another solution you can consider for noise reduction. Using a hush box will cover your projector and keep you from unwanted noise because this is an effective sound-proof case you can have.

Here are some of the most important things you should care about while using hush box:

  • Lay an effective sound-absorbing material inside your hush box.
  • Use a good fan for appropriate air circulation to keep your projector from overheating.

With this, you will be all set to use your projector without any stress and noise.

Final Thoughts

The noise of a projector can be a bigger problem, especially when working with an old projector. However, these tips to remove noise reduction of a projector we have mentioned above can help you for sure.

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Noise Reduction Of A Projector – FAQs

Why Does A Projector Make A Noise?

The cooling fan is the major noise-causing element in a projector. It runs continuously to keep the projector from overheating and ensure its performance.

What Is A Better Noise Level For A Projector?

25 or less is a fine noise level for a projector. Modern projectors have noise levels ranging from 19 to 25 dB

Are Fans Important In A Projector?

Just like any other machinery, projectors also need an efficient cooling system. Projector fans are an important part of its cooling system for optimal performance.

Are LED Projectors Also Noisy?

All projectors make noise, including LED Projectors. There is no such thing as a silent project exist out there.