Lamp vs. LED vs Laser Projector? Choose one wisely!

When it comes to selecting a lamp-free projector, there are numerous facts that you need to know about. Getting into comparison of lamp projectors with the laser projector or the LED projector has its strengths or critical factors. A few key factors are size, image quality, and cost. And in certain situations, it somehow works better than the other one. To figure out which one will win in the end, you need to learn what is the difference between laser and lamp projector and LED.


Projectors are available in different types, namely LED, Laser, and Lamp-based. Let’s get into the discussion below to know about the laser projector vs. lamp vs. LED.

Introduction to LED, Laser, and Lamp Projectors

To successfully project, all the projector models need a light source. Some of them use laser, some use LEDs, and some require lamps. Compared with the difference between laser projectors and LED projectors, lamp projectors are the cheapest and oldest projector type. They are variant and have bulbs that contain mercury and have a shorter life span.

In the LED vs. laser projectors, LEDs are pretty modern and eco-friendly. They have more incredible lifespans too.

Comparison Table of Laser Projector vs. Lamp vs. LED

In the below comparison table, you can know the differences between projector lamps vs. LED vs. laser:

Lumens2000+ ANSIUp to 2000 ANSI3500+ ANSI
Duration to Run10,000 hours30,000 Hours20,000 hours
Rainbow EffectsNormalReducedNormal
Sound EffectMediumLowHigh

Key Elements to Differentiate Laser Projector vs. Lamp vs. LED

A few key elements gradually make laser projector vs. lamp vs. LED different from one another. Let’s see which those key elements are:


The first element is about the life span or duration. You need to be careful when picking any projector model. Never put your investment into something that might die out shortly or is not running for a long duration.

As we get into the specifications, lamp, laser, and LED projectors are having 10K, 20K, and 30K hours of long life spans, respectively. Hence, this is equal to the 14, 28, and 42 months of non-stop use. It is to be made clear that this life span is just indicated based on the length of use and not on ownership length.

If you own an LED projector for at least 42 months, it will never die off suddenly.

Color Performance

The color gamut is the whole spectrum of colors that any human eye can quickly identify. A color of visual display saturation indicates the intensity of all those colors included in the gamut.

As we talk about the projectors, variants, i.e., LED, laser, and lamp, all use the same color standards, which are Rec. 709. However the LED projectors are going one step further with the color saturation, which is 125% of the norm.

Sound & Size

We all know the mantra that “the smaller, the better.” The same mantra needs to be followed when it comes to choosing the best projector based on sound and size. Lamp-free projectors are the one that especially excels in this whole realm. Our top recommendation would be:

Editor’s Choice
BenQ LH930 1080p DLP Lamp-Free Laser Projector

On the other side, LED projectors have a compact design and are based on low-level machine sounds. Plus, the laser projectors, based on their thermal elements, are noisier and larger. You can look for an Optoma UHD50X True 4K UHD Projector. Lamp projectors are the one that falls out in the middle based on size.

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