Projector Vs OLED: Which Is The Best For You?

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If you want a larger-than-life experience having a projector seems reasonable. However, OLED TVs have recently been introduced with larger screen sizes, giving projectors tough competition. So, if you are planning to fill up wall space in your home, you must be wondering if Projector vs OLED will be a better option for you.


Do not worry because here we have a detailed comparison that will help you decide if a projector is better than a TV or not.

What Is A Projector?

The projector is an optical device with the ability to project videos or images on a surface like a screen or a wall. In cinemas and theaters, projectors have been used to project movies using thin photographic strips to give the audience the experience of the big screen.

Moreover, slideshows or business projectors work similarly. Therefore, projectors rapidly replace computer monitors and TVs in commercial setups and homes.

What we liked:
  • Huge display
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Decent resolution and brightness
What we didn’t like:
  • Poor built-in sound system
  • Images may fade

What Is An OLED?

OLED TVs were designed to provide a theater-like experience at home. Moreover, they produce light and color from a single diode. Besides that, it consists of self-contained pixels which serve as a source of color and light. Thus, it means there is no need for an additional backlight. Similar technology is available for monitors as well.

What we liked:
  • Thin display
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Easy to use
  • Require less space

What we didn’t like:

  • Expensive
  • Limited display

4k Projector vs OLED – Key Differences

To help you understand the difference between both technologies, these few features will help you.

  • There is an organic film in OLED to create a better contrast of images. Whereas there is a bulb in projectors that heats up to project images on the screen.
  • OLED is more eco-friendly and durable because of its special manufacturing process. Therefore, they are more expensive than projectors and even LED TVs.
  • Projectors need filters to create an image, while OLED does not.
  • When projecting on-screen, projectors can turn off pixels. Thus, they often do not have a brightness and dark contrast. You may notice projected light on the screen even while playing a movie. You may not have a similar issue with OLED.
  • Even when providing high-quality resolution and results, projectors are affordable, whereas OLED is very expensive.

Projector vs OLED – Quick Comparison

Screen SizeMaximum 100 – 120 inchesMaximum 85 inches
ContrastNot like OLEDExcellent contrast system
BrightnessMeasuring unit: Lumen

Quality brightness but costly

Measuring unit: Nit

Quality brightness at affordable rates

Color AccuracyDecent accuracyWide color gamut
InstallationComplicated and toughEasy and user-friendly
Sound QualityRarely built-in speakers

Not good quality

Built-in speakers

Decent quality

3d SupportYesNo
ConvenienceNot ConvenientConvenient
Smart FeaturesFewMany
PriceHigh-quality models cost $2000Affordable models are worth $3000

Which Is Better TV or a Projector? – Detailed Comparison

These specifications will help you understand Projector Vs. OLED differences and which product will be the right choice for you.

Screen Size: One of the biggest differences between OLED and projector is screen size. Commonly the projector screens can be more than 120 inches. Besides that, they can even reach 98 feet if professional projectors are utilized. On the other hand, the maximum screen size you can have is 85 inches in OLED TVs.

If you remove the projector from the screen, you can increase screen size without compromising the resolution, which may not be possible in OLED. However, the TV screens are thin, which takes less place, which is a feasible option.

Brightness: Different parameters are used to measure brightness in both products, due to which comparing this feature can get tricky. However, you can get excellent brightness in projectors with complete darkness in the room. On the other hand, when using OLED, you can get a completely bright picture even in the light.



The 4K smart TV comes with amazing features which are hard to find these days. Surprisingly picture quality will allow you to have the best home theater and gaming experience. Moreover, its ultra-thin design will complement the interior of your home perfectly.

Resolution: The resolution of an OLED is many times better than a projector. OLED can completely shut down backlight and come pixels if not necessary to provide the best picture quality. Besides that, it is available in 8K variants, whereas you can only find a 4K projector in the market.

When comparing a 4K OLED TV and a projector, you will notice that the resolution of the TV is better than a projector.

Colors: We all know that a TV can produce better color accuracy than a projector. OLED has better color processors, which can easily display a large array of colors compared to a projector. However, projectors also have decent color accuracy.

Installation: Installation of OLED is simple because they only need a socket, while installing a projector may require proper planning. You will need the right size of the screen, which should be reflective. Moreover, you have to consider viewing angles to maintain picture quality. Even if you have a portable projector, these are some of the things that may require extra consideration.

Price: There is a huge price difference between projectors and OLEDs. Different price ranges are available for projectors, and you can easily afford one. Whereas OLEDs are more expensive because even the cheapest ones can cost more than $1000, the price of projectors starts from $400, which provides high-quality features.


DBPOWER WiFi Projector

The 1080 resolution is ideal for home theater and gaming. You can use it outdoors with an upgrade of 9500L. Moreover, it supports 4D keystone correction and is compatible with all other media devices. With this portable mini projector, you can have the best experience.

When it comes to Projector vs OLED selection of one product can be difficult because you want the best experience in your home theater. Therefore, make sure that you consider all your requirements and, most importantly, your budget before picking a product. With the advancement in technology, you can easily find all the specs you need in a projector or OLED. Thus, make the right decision.

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Projector vs OLED – FAQs

Q: Is A 4k Tv Better Than A Projector?

A: The 4k resolution is not only available on TV but also in projectors. So, you can compare both items before picking the one that suits your needs.

Q: Which Is Better, a Projector Or OLED For Gaming?

A: For gaming, you can use both a projector and an OLED. However, it would be best if you had a large-screen projector will be a good option. , if you are looking for excellent color accuracy, contrast, and brightness, you must go with OLED.

Q: OLED Vs. Projector For Home Theater, Which One Should I Get?

A: Both projector and OLED will work great for your home theater system. You can pick any of them for an extraordinary experience.

Q: Is a Projector Better Than a TV for Eyes?

A: Yes, projectors are better for your eyes because they have a large display size that puts less strain on your eyes. Moreover, projectors reflect light instead of emitting light like TV, which is better for your eyes.