How to Connect Phone to a Projector? Find out!

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It’s kinda boring to watch movies and video streaming on small LCDs of mobile devices. Connect the devices to the projector to view the content on a much larger screen. How can I project a phone? Most devices include iPad and smartphone projection, but they need a way to connect them to a projector. Before connecting a phone to a projector determine the type of video output and cable required for its operation first.


Connectivity depends upon the HDMI, MHL, or wireless output type. If your phone supports wired projection through an HDMI or MHL cable, you will need an adapter that converts the signal from analog (RCA) to digital (HDMI).On the other side, if your device supports wireless projection, you will need an adapter that converts the signal from HDMI.

Ways How to Connect Phone to a Projector

There are several ways you can connect devices to projectors. One wide way is using a VGA cable, the most common cable used to share the screen for business purposes.

Another option would be using HDMI cables, which can provide good streaming once connected to devices.

Let’s get started with methods.

Wireless connection via Chromecast

Chromecast and Google Home are two of the most popular technologies to use. They allow connectivity between two devices. A Chromecast is a unique device that plugs into a TV or projector, like a cable box. It also helps you stream content from your phone or iPad to a big screen using wireless connections.

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker, which connects devices wirelessly with projectors. For example, you could ask it to turn on the projector and start streaming Netflix or business-related presentations from your phone or laptop if it’s plug-in into the screen.

Power power-saving mode of smartphones may interrupt steaming, so make sure it’s off.

Wired via HDMI USB-C

Looking for a reversible connector for any orientation! It is a reversible connector that can be used in any orientation. The wired connector has a single wire that can transmit power, data, and video signals simultaneously. You can connect Android phones and tablets through the USB-C connector that has been used on smartphones for the past few years and the HDMI connection that displays your videos and other content with smooth browsing.

Connection via MHL (Mobile high-definition link)

Mobile high-definition link is designed to enable the streaming of high-definition multimedia content from the internet to mobile devices. It connects smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to TVs, and projectors, and displays content with just a single cable.

Wireless connection through WiFi Direct

  • If you are looking for a wireless connection, first you have to check the Android version of your smartphone then project your screen through Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Every device has different wireless connection options, so for Android mobile devices, you need to tap “Connection,” and for other devices, tap “Network Internet” After that, tap Wi-Fi.
  • Then your devices automatically scan the available Wi-Fi and get projected.

Connection to RCA projector

You can now enjoy a highly refined color scheme with an RCA projector that generates high-resolution quality content through LED lighting. The most interesting fact is that it is compatible with laptops, PCs, USB flash drives, and smartphones. You can connect it through both wired and wireless connections, depending on your choice.

All devices support both HDMI and MHL cables except iPhones.

Connection to a mini-LED projector

The mini LED projector has an adequate-sized screen that is less bulky. The best thing is that it functions similarly to a normal-sized projector. It is easily compatible with all devices, and you can connect it through any method mentioned above depending upon your device’s connection setup.


We have mentioned the ways to connect your phone to a projector in detail. As a first-time projector user, you can easily adapt them and smoothly handle the devices. Wave off to mini views and enjoy your favorite streaming by converting the smartphone mini screen into a big screen.