Best Mini Projector for iPhone Reviews & Guide

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Previously, projecting projectors on iPhones was not handy. People faced many problems regarding this; as a solution, we have found the best mini projector for iPhone that allows you to watch high-quality movies for entertainment and share audio-visual content with friends and workspace mates. Also, it provides a sharp and clear picture anywhere on any size screen you need.

Go and grab your mini today that can be controlled with your iPhone. Those days are gone when projectors were big, heavy, and noisy. The new thing about iPhone projectors is that they are small but advanced in performance. Finding a good mini projector can be a daunting task; go ahead as we compared some of the best lightweight but highly functional ones for personal or professional purposes.

In a hurry? Check out the quick comparison below based on our experience and take the one that fits your needs:

Best Mini

AKASO is a mini projector for iPhone with a 50 ANSI lumen projector that brings many features to a small pocket. Also, it comes with a complete collection of live-streaming apps as well. Its circular base lets you point the projector where you want to go. Moreover, you don’t need any external speakers because of their built-in stereo speakers.

  • Loudspeakers
  • Remote Control
  • Pocket-sized
  • Portable
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Lacks multiple Input option
  • Not compatible with the Netflix App sometimes
Top Rated
Anker Nebula

The Nebula Capsule top-rated mini projector supports various input methods, including HDMI, USB, and wireless screen streaming on all different devices. Its aluminum body makes this device strong and durable, while a 360-degree speaker gives you an omnidirectional sound

  • More advanced features
  • Screen streaming and media applications
  • Strong and durable
  • Long battery life
  • Low lumens than normal
  • Lack lens protector
Best Portable
GooDee Pocket Video Portable Projector

GooDee Mini is the best portable projector for iPhone due to the high-quality images produced. Specifically, you get more precise and sharper images than other existing projects with 3500 LED Pico advanced light technology. Another outstanding feature is its powerful but advanced turbofan copper tube cooling technology. It means that the projector is not only compatible with iPhones but also works well with other devices.

  • Handy and portable
  • Affordable
  • Automatic screen adjustment
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Fan noise
  • Fixed zooming
Best Small
AuKing Small Multimedia Home Theater Movie Projector

AuKing small projector for iPhone is lightweight and compact; you can easily carry it. It can display your content with high resolution due to WVGA and 480p VGA resolution. Also, you can use it for business purposes and for watching movies. Additionally, you don’t have to be stuck near a power source with its rechargeable battery.

  • Impressive battery life
  • 55000 hours multimedia
  • Good speaker function
  • Many connection choices
  • Low lamp life
  • Costly but worth it
Best iPhone 7
Crenova WiFi Home Mini Projector for iphone 7

The Crenova mini projector for iPhone 7 is another device that comes with impressive features. It is best used at home, at work, and school, due to which it is a top viewing projector among all. Furthermore, it has built-in speakers that provide clear and clean sound. Indeed, this small project can make a great addition to your home theater system.

  • 170 ANSI Lumens
  • Mini DLP projector
  • Auto keystone for iPhone
  • Display 30 to 20 inches
  • Slightly low focus

Best Mini Projector for iPhone in 2024 – Buying Guide

Considering your preferences, needs, and lifestyle can help you decide which mini projector for iPhone is right for you.

A variety of factors can indeed make your movie times or presentations more focused. In addition to size and weight, you also need to consider other features that make a mini projector do its job.

So many factors to consider! It can make the buying process more challenging. Keep reading to make wise choices.

ViewSonic M1 Cheap Mini Ultra Portable LED Projector

Cheap Mini-ViewSonic Projector for iPhone

Consider the ViewSonic M1, which is compatible with both smartphones. A resolution of 1,080 pixels lets you make snapshots, slides, movies, and more on a wall or 130-inch screen. Equipped with a 5,200 mAh rechargeable battery that allows uninterrupted playback time of up to two hours,

The Best Mini Projectors for iPhone of 2024 – What To Look For

Battery Life

The bigger, the better. The reason why mini projectors are portable is that they come with rechargeable batteries. One of the benefits you will get from a portable projector is the ability to put it down anywhere and move on. Make sure you don’t even have to worry about the power source. For watching a movie, check the battery life of more than 2 hours.


Most modern small projects can be connected to your iPhone in many ways. Some of them include wireless connection options via Bluetooth or WiFi. This makes them suitable for anyone who hates loose ropes. Many small projects can also be connected to mobile phones via HDMI or VGA cable. Some devices that rely on wireless connections may require you to place your hands on the adapter. The product with different connectivity options allows you to use it not only with your smartphone but also with other devices.


The higher the light, the better the image. How bright your image is determines how dark your environment should be to view. The bright image is very noticeable even if there is a lot of ambient light.  Some mini projectors have at least 500 lumens. Some have lumens from 1,800 to 4,500. Low lumens are ideal for dark rooms or dim light. On the other hand, high lumens can be used in well-lit rooms or outdoors.

When purchasing a projector, buyers should be aware of misleading listed metrics such as ‘Lux,’ lumens LED, Lamp Brightness, or fountain light that fail to provide helpful information about screen light performance.

OS compatibility

Do you have both phones that use the Android platform as well as the OS? Check the compatibility of the mini projector with both iPhone and Android phones. Buying two different mini-projectors is not a very wise move. Choosing one that can be used with both iOS and Android platforms can help you save a lot of money. It can also help to save space when moving the device from one location to another.

Artii Pico Projector for Cartoon, Movie, Kids Gift

Compatible – Artlii

Project movies, presentations, and games from OS into a large screen with Artlii. Such a Portable mini projector is compatible with iOS, TV stick, and Android. For this reason, you can avail of one compatibility option and don’t need to look for more projectors for other devices.

Resolution Image

If you want sharp images, choose a mini projector compatible with an iPhone with high resolution. Small LED projectors usually have a traditional HD resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. Some have a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Unfortunately, many pico and palmtop projectors have limited traditional resolutions of 640 x 360 pixels and 854 x 480 pixels. Some of them, however, are supported by slightly higher decisions.


Move with as little clutter as possible. Many small projectors for iPhone come with their speakers. Unfortunately, many speakers integrated into mini projectors are not able to produce a large enough volume. Most of the time, they are only suitable for a few pairs of ears. Fortunately, many mini projectors allow users to connect their favorite speakers.

Projectors themselves produce a sound that is not enough for the room. For a loud sound, connect both your devices and the mini projector through HDMI cables.

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The Best Mini Projectors for iPhone in 2024 – Features

Product ImageDetailsWeightResolutionConnectivityBrightness
Best Mini

7.4 ounces854*480pHDMI, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Screen Mirroring50 lumens
Top Rated

Anker Nebula
7.0 ounces854*480pBluetooth 4.0, HDMI100 lumens
Best Portable

GooDee Pocket Video Portable Projector
9.5 ounces800*480pUSB80 lumens
Best Small

AuKing Small Multimedia Home Theater Movie Projector
45.92 ounces1080VGA, USB, HDMI2600 lumens
Best iPhone 7

Crenova WiFi Home Mini Projector for iphone 7
35.2 ounces854*480pVGA, Bluetooth, USB, SDHC3500 lumens

More Tips

  • For OS and Smartphone/Tablet device connection, you can use an AKASO lightning to HDMI adapter that supports mobile phones to play Netflix projection.
  • Searching for Dolby audio for a better quality of loud sound, consider Anker Nebula which has built-in speakers and supports Dolby audio settings.
  • Looking for a versatile mini projector for the schooling area that can help children learn in a fun way, you can go with GooDee which can also function as best for home theatre and conference purposes.
  • Hook AuKing is a small, lightweight projector that one person can easily pull out of the box. Also, you can save space with it.
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The Best Mini Projectors for iPhone of 2024 – FAQs

Q: Which projector works well with the iPhone?
A: If you want a projector that works well with the iPhone, you can select from the ones we’ve reviewed. We have mentioned mini projectors that not only work with your iPhone but also with all your Apple devices to deliver HD quality specs with 720p native resolution.

Q: How many lumens do I need on an iPhone projector?
A: If you find an iPhone projector for your home theatre, you will need a minimum of 1500 lumens. In small to medium-sized rooms, an iPhone projector with at least 2500 lumens is best. Lastly, in large halls or teaching halls, you will need high lumens.

Q: Can I use a mini projector for a multiple-device connection?
A: Yes, a mini projector can connect your iPhone and other devices via WiFi, but you can also connect devices via HDMI, USB, AV, and 3.5mm ports which offer many communication options.

Q: Can I connect Netflix with a mini projector from my iPhone?
A: Yes, first connect your iPhone to your projector, then use the Netflix iPhone app. Alternatively, you can connect a live streaming device like Amazon and stream Netflix from your iPhone to your projector. Some projectors even come up with a built-in Netflix.