Does Using Bluetooth Headphones Drain Battery?

Does using Bluetooth headphones drain the battery? Our mobile phones aren’t the devices we use just to make a call anymore. Within the past decade, mobile phones have evolved into personal assistants, entertainment sources, and more. It can also provide us with the information we need with a quick search.


Since the 2000s, the battery power of mobile phones has become 3x. At the same time, the battery consumption of mobiles to provide different services has also increased dramatically. Since the addition of Bluetooth technology in our mobile phones, there has been a concern “Does Bluetooth drain the battery.”

Does Using Bluetooth Headphones Drain Battery: A True Or A Myth?

Any wireless technology form, Bluetooth or wi-fi, requires the battery to work. However, whether Bluetooth headphones drain the battery or how much battery power it consumes is a commonly debated topic.

Various speculative theories and myths surround the subject of battery consumption and wireless headphones. These concerns have stemmed from introducing Bluetooth technology to the masses in the primitive stage.

Over time incredible advancements have occurred in Bluetooth technology. Still, many believe that disconnecting Bluetooth is vital to saving mobile phone batteries.

Are Wireless Headphones Draining Your Battery?

The introduction of wireless headphones has also changed the way people used to enjoy music and take calls. We no longer need to connect wires to our mobiles to use headphones. However, when it’s about whether Bluetooth headphones drain the battery, here is the answer.

Bluetooth headphones, fortunately, create a minimal effect on your mobile phone’s battery drain. It seems truer that using Bluetooth headphones can drain the battery. The effect here is minimal. It is similar to the battery draw caused by playing audio on your phone or using wired headphones.

Another important question we need to answer here is how much wireless headphones affect battery compared to speakers and wired headphones.

As per research on this topic, experts have agreed that wireless headphones have minimal impact on your device’s battery life.

Other Factors That Can Drain Your Battery

Besides using Bluetooth headphones to drain batteries, it is also important to know other factors that can drain batteries.

  • Other connectivity mediums, such as wi-fi, can also impact your battery life.
  • Similarly, the condition of your battery is also an important reason for poor battery life.
  • Having multiple processes running and background applications on your phone can also impact its battery life.

Because every application working in the background keeps refreshing itself constantly. This makes the application continuously use battery power.

  • The temperature of your device is another expected reason to cause batter drainage.
  • Similarly, the screen brightness will also sap your battery within no time.

So, these are some key factors that you need to keep in mind. Ensure to focus on these also when you want to keep your battery from draining.

How Much Battery Does Bluetooth Use?

Bluetooth doesn’t affect the battery when it is on, but you aren’t using the service. However, if Bluetooth is on and you are using it continuously, the battery difference of 4 hours will be about 1.6%.

This battery drain percentage is pretty small.

Moreover, having Bluetooth on your mobile phone and a battery equals connecting wi-fi to your device. This misinformation makes most people turn their Bluetooth or wi-fi off when these are not in use actively. People believe this practice can help them save their devices’ battery power.

Besides that, the false myth is only because Bluetooth uses your mobile phone’s battery only when it is being used actively. Due to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, battery consumption is still negligible. It’s usually about 1 to 3 percent per day only.