Speaker Wire Gauge Chart

Selecting the right one from the speaker wire gauge chart is essential for the optimal performance of your speaker system. The chart usually has wires from 8 to 24 AWG, and here you will learn which is the best for your application.

What Are The Different Sizes In The Speaker Wide Gauge Chart?

The speaker wire gauge chart ranges from 8 AWG to 24 AWG; however, the most commonly used wires range from 12 to 18 AWG. 12 AWG is the thickest wire, and 18 AWG is the thinnest. A higher gauge number means that the wire will be thinner, while a lower gauge number represents a thicker wire.

Selecting the right gauge number is essential as it affects the flow of electrons that may become the bottleneck for your speaker system’s performance.


How To Choose The Right One From The Speaker Wire Gauge Chart?

When selecting the speaker wire, you need to consider a few things from the gauge chart. These include:

  • Wire AWG
  • Speaker ohms
  • Wire length
  • Amps
  • Wire material

So, considering an example of 4-ohm speakers, you can use the 16 AWG wire and go as long as 24 feet. Longer than that will result in a bottleneck for performance.

Some Tips For Selecting Your Speaker Wire Efficiently.

The following are some tips for selecting the best speaker wire.

  • As the wire length keeps increasing, the AWG number will keep decreasing
  • While the wire length stays under the threshold limit, you must buy a little extra than the estimate
  • Switch to a thicker gauge if the wire length is near your estimate, as buying longer will always help.
  • If you are not finding 16 AWG wires, doubling up 8 AWG wires will get the job done.

Follow these, and you will never make a mistake selecting your speaker wires.


Speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers are key components in a sound system, but the wires are of no less importance. So, whenever choosing wires to connect your speaker, choose the right length and gauge number using the speaker wire gauge chart.

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Speaker Wire Gauge Chart – FAQs

1. Does The Length Of The Speaker Wire Affect The Wire Gauge?

Yes, a longer length than the maximum limit can restrict the system from reaching its peak performance. So, selecting the right length according to AWG value is necessary.

2. How Long Can You Make The Speaker Wires?

It depends on the material and the speaker, ohms. For 16 AWG wire, you can go up to 94 feet if you use 16-ohm speakers. For the 2-ohm speakers, the same wire cannot go longer than 12 feet.

3. What Is The Recommended Usage For 16 Gauge Wire?

It is a good option for moderate-powered subwoofers supporting up to 13 amps.

4. What Are The Different Types Of Speaker Cables?

The two most common speaker wires are copper wire and copper-clad aluminum. These two are efficient, while the other materials may restrict the performance.