How To Hide Speaker Wire? Tips And Tactics You Need To Know

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Having any kind of electronics means having audio cables and wires around. Any visible speaker wires in a room are annoying. It can make your room look messier even if you have well-organized all other items here. Extra cables hanging down the wall or near the floor can also reduce the aesthetic appeal of any space. These can also cause tripping hazards. Fortunately, there are different ways you can consider regarding how to hide speaker wire.


A Comprehensive Guide On How To Hide Speaker Wire.

Do you want to know some of the best ways how to hide speaker wire? Here we have enlisted some of the most effective and efficient ways to consider in this regard.

So, here we go:

Use A Speaker Wire Tape

Do you want to have an invisible but permanent speaker wire placement? Luckily, you don’t need to install speaker wires through walls or cut holes at all. Prefer using flat wires and cover these using speaker wire tape.

This tape will give a ribbon-like look, and you can use it as packaging tape. Peeling away the tape’s backing will open the tape’s industrial-strength adhesive side. You can easily apply this sticky side of speaker wire tape to any surface.

Generally, wires are highly thin and flexible. So, you can also surround the wire with tape. To match the tape with the surrounding baseboard color completely, you can also paint its external side.

Get Help From Cable Concealers Or Cable Organizers.

Although there are different ways available how to hire speaker wires. However, using a cable organizer or cable concealer is the best one to go with. This is true for multiple reasons, such as:

  • These are not only easier-to-use tools to manage your speaker wires. You can also use these to conceal speaker wire without making it look like a different object in your place.
  • Most importantly, cable organizers and concealers are highly affordable. You don’t need to break your money pocket to get your hands on these.
  • You can easily keep your speaker wire low profile without spending on labor.

Many of these products are available with essential accessories. For example, outside and inside corners, pre-adhesive backing, fittings, tee reducers, etc. These accessories can let you customize your wire organization and manage the entire process on your own.

Use Runners And Rugs To Hide Speaker Wire.

Is your speaker wire crossing the open floor? Hiding it under a rug or runner is a convenient option to consider.

A rug won’t only cover your speaker wire quickly. It will also add personality to your space. It will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room and prevent tripping hazards in the best possible way.

Hide Alongside Your Lighting Strips

Are pretty lights more of your thing? You can use flexible lighting strips to hire your speaker wire easily. You can easily buy LED strips in different lengths, output colors, temperatures, features, and materials. Choose your preferred type of LED strip to fix the wall while running the speaker wire alongside. LED strips generally have peel-away backing, making the installation process easier and quicker for you.

Install Cable Covers Or Raceways

These are more permanent solutions for how to hide speaker wire. Installing cable covers and raceways is more efficient for those with wires of varying lengths to hide. You can easily find cable raceways as a kit. The kit includes connecting pieces, elbow joints, anchors, screws, and adhesive tape.

You can opt for an enclosed or open channel to securely keep your speaker wires tucked in. You can install these above your baseboard and paint their external side to match the theme.

Cable covers and raceways are typically made of PVC or rubber. These work best for non-carpeted areas. Above all, these can also offer enhanced protection to your speaker wire.


So, these are some of the best and most effective ways to consider how to hide speaker wire. Make sure to go with the one that best suits your needs and cover your speaker wire accordingly.

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Speaker Wire – FAQs

What Is The Easiest Way To Hide Speaker Wire Without Cutting Your Wall?

Use speaker wire tape to ensure invisible and permanent wire placement without creating a hole in your wall. A flat wire tape can be the best option to go with.

How To Hide Speaker Wire On A Wooden Floor?

There are two ways to hide the speaker wide on your wooden floor. One is to use flat adhesive wires and wood-textured paint over these. The other way is to use rugs to cover your speaker wires.

Is Tucking The Speaker Wire Under The Baseboard Effective?

You can tuck the speaker wire under the baseboard to hide it completely. Use a screwdriver with a flat head for this purpose.

Is It Fine To Hide Speaker Wire Under A Carpet?

Thick speaker wires can be felt under a carpet. However, if you use flat speaker wires, you can easily hide these under your carpet for invisibility.