Troubleshooting Guide: How to Fix a Projector with No Sound

Are you struggling to resolve the projector has no sound problem? Always remember that multiple things can cause the issue. Projector not playing sound on Netflix or speakers is one of the most common problems people face. Well, there can be a configuration problem with your projector. Moreover, there may be a problem with the connections or cables. Even sometimes, there is a problem with the audio source also.



Learn the most common reasons why a projector has no sound and how to fix these below.

Reasons For Audio Issues with Your Projector

Due to variations between audio sources and projector configurations, the reasons to projectors have no sound are nearly endless. However, we have enlisted the most common ones that can cause this problem here.

These often include:

  • Bad or poorly functional cables
  • Loose or bad connections
  • The problem with the sound settings of the projector
  • Disabled or lower volume on projector or PC
  • You haven’t set your projector on your system as audio output

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The Best Way To Fix The Projector Is To Have No Sound Problems

Here we have enlisted some of the best fixes to ensure the projector has no sound problem. So, here we go:

Check The Connection

Check that all your components are connected properly before changing the projector or laptop’s settings. Try different HDMI cables and check the connection between the laptop and projector. Ensure to use the HDMI port of your projector only. Besides that, you should also check any possible settings peculiar to your projector.

Check The Volume Settings Of Your Projector

Sometimes audio source’s volume is set to the lowest level. Click the + button from the projector or its remote controller. If the problem has not been resolved, then long-press the A/V button to unmute the sound of displaying content. Then adjust the content’s sound from the laptop by manipulating sound settings. If you are using an application like Netflix

How To Get Sound From Laptop To Projector With HDMI?

Why is the sound not coming through my HDMI is another common problem people usually face. You can connect your laptop to a projector with HDMI to get sound.

  • Some laptops contain a power management scheme that keeps HDMI running audio when the laptop is running on batteries. So, you should connect your laptop to any power outlet first.
  • HDMI has its independent audio driver incorporated into the graphics card driver. Therefore, you must have the newest graphic card driver version installed on your laptop.
  • Turn your projector and laptop off to connect the HDMI cable. However, you’ll lose your audio if you disconnect the HDMI cable while the laptop is running.

In that case, try to close and reopen the audio-generating program you were using. Every time you will need to reboot your system when trying to run a different audio system.

Bottom Line

Understanding the reasons why the projector has no sound and removing the issue will increase the life of your device. Moreover, take proper care of your projector and protect it from dust, debris, and other such damaging elements.

Fix Sound Issues with Your Projector – FAQs

Q. How To Wirelessly Get Sound From The Projector To Speakers?

Ans. However, do you want to know how to wirelessly get sound from the projector to speakers? Use the connection port of your projector to connect the Bluetooth transmitter. After completing this, you can get your audio played through speakers wirelessly. However, this is possible only when your projector supports Bluetooth connectivity.

Q. Is My Projector Broken When No Sound Is produced?

Ans. There are various reasons why your projector may not have been producing sound. You should clean it and try to find and fix the problem. If you fail to do so get it checked by a professional.

Q. Can I Connect My Projector Using HDMI?

Ans. Yes, if your projector and the device you are planning to connect it with has an HDMI port you can easily connect it.