Good Number of Lumens for a Projector in Daylight

While you plan to purchase a projector, it is essential to get an idea about how many lumens for a projector in daylight works best. We all know that projector varies from one model to another based on for what purpose you are using it. Some projectors are best used outdoors in daylight, and some are specially designed for the darker environment.


When it comes to daylight projectors, the total number of lumens needs to be appropriate to fight off the ambient light. However, it might be a tricky task for people to get the best projector for daylight use! Over the past few years, some projectors have been designed to easily tackle the encouraging environment and add some brightness to the images, even in the ambient light.

Why is it essential to consider lumens/brightness for a projector in daylight?

Considering the element of lumens or brightness in the projector for daylight use holds massive importance. For the day projection, it is essential to look for a projector, which is not affected by any light. As the images on any projector are exposed to too much light, the images will fade away and might get darker to see. You can easily overcome this challenge by choosing the best projector with the right amount of lumens/brightness.

Try to look for a projector with high brightness to remove the ambient light from the images to get precise results.

How many projector lumens are needed for a dark cinema room?

To view movies in darker rooms, the best projector should have a maximum of 1,000 lumens of brightness. If your projector has an extra-reflective screen, it becomes easy for you to manage any high-pitch or black screen coming on the projector. However some modern projectors have high brightness requirements so that they can stay back with high resolutions.

When it comes to darkness, a high-resolution projector should have a brightness of almost 1,000 lumens. In this way, you will see every last pixel and fulfill the crystal-clear clarity in various Ultra HD devices.

Which is the best projector lumen for bright rooms?

When using a projector in broad daylight or indoors with lights on, you need a projector with a maximum of 1,000 lumens. If not, then it might cause the screen or image to display faded or muddy color effects.

Brighter rooms generally require 2,500+ lumens of brightness to deal with ambient light to add clarity and sharpness to images.

For any vast room that is bright all around, try to look for a projector having 4,000 lumens or even brighter than that.

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Projector Lumens Calculator

To know the exact lumens of your projector, use a projector lumens calculator for the above calculation formula:

Lumens = ft-L X square feet / Gain

Square feet is the main screen area in the square feet in this formula, and Gain is the actual screen’s gain.

To find the complete square footage, you need to first start with the size of the diagonal screen. To determine the width and height, multiply the two numbers to get the square inches, and then you have to convert them into square feet. The same thing needs to be followed for determining width and height first.

Quick Look at Projector Lumens Chart with Projection Brightness

Look at the projector lumens chart below to have an idea about what lumens your projector has:

Image Diagonal (Inches)Suggested Projection Brightness


No doubt, looking for an excellent projector with the best lumens for the projector is not an easy task. Projectors are never designed by keeping in mind the brighter rooms. They are generally best for low-light or shady rooms to use as a home theater.

You can also find some projectors which are capable of being used ideally for daylight. They are even good to be used for outdoor camping. There is yet no need to wait for the sunset or the night to come to enjoy your favorite movies.

Get the good projector right now!

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