Headset vs Headphones? What is Worth Buying? Insights Explained!

To have an incredible sound experience at a significant volume, users typically prefer to either look for headphones or a headset! Are they similar to one another? Do you want to know what is the difference between a headset and headphones?

Well, this question typically hits all those people who feel the difference in sound and working functionality between the two of them. In a gym, on a walk, lying down in your bed, standing at a bus stop, or even in travel, the importance of a headset or headphones cannot be denied at all.


No doubt they might look similar in shape or might have the same functions, but there are a few points where they are both different. Here we have a quick guide to let you know about the fundamental differences between headsets and headphones for gaming. Let’s get into the discussion below:

What is a headphone?

A headphone is designed by the use of two simple speakers which are attached to the band. As you will wear the headphones, the speaker will cover the ears. You will get an immersive sound experience once the sound reaches your ear through the headphones.

For recreating a super sound effect, headphones vibrate in larger segments of air within your room. As they move in a smaller amount, this will eventually help create a confined and personalized sound effect. Most of the headphone models also offer an incredible audio experience.

What is a headset?

Headsets are pretty similar to headphones, but they have a microphone attached to them. Based on your use and functionality, you can also remove the Mic. You will find the primary use of headsets during telephonic service.

They are just available in a wireless version which is based on Bluetooth technology. They are popularly known as head-worn audio devices with a Mic.

Headphones vs. Headset – Microphone Difference

If you are referring someone to buy a headset or headphones, you will suggest having one with an integrated microphone. Hence, this is the microphone element that makes headsets and headphones different from one another. A headset is available with the attached microphone, which you won’t have in headphones. In short, no attached microphone = headphones, and an attached microphone = headset.

Headphones vs. Headset – Sound Quality Difference

The next most prominent difference between headsets and headphones is the sound quality they deliver. There are a few great gaming headsets that can compete with some low-mid-range audiophile headphones. If you find the one, you are the lucky one. We never said that a gaming headset is not good in sound quality. But in comparison with headphones, it lacks a little clarity and sound resistance.

Headphones vs. Headset –Price vs. Performance Difference

As we talk about the pricing difference between headsets and headphones, it becomes a little intricate to compare the two. When it comes to price vs. performance, then gaming headsets deliver something that most headphones don’t offer. If you don’t like managing bulky cables, then choosing a headset is the best option.

The prices of the headset and headphones will depend on the model you are choosing. It starts between $5 to $10 or even more.

Headphones vs. Headset – Physical Differences

When it comes to physical outlook, headphones versus headsets for gaming are pretty different. Headsets are available in earpieces with built-in speakers to have them connected with the Mic and Band. The majority of the headset models are available with a big Mic that stands near your mouth with a huge boom.

The use of headsets has been quite a lot familiar in call centers. Due to their small design, they deliver a sort of mono or stereo sound. But this generally depends on the brand and model of the headset you are choosing. In short, the main difference pop-up is the presence of a headset Mic which you won’t find in headphones.

Next, we have the physical features of headphones! Headphones are generally connected with a band and two cushioned earpieces. Due to the large size, you will find the headphones to be extra comfortable and spacious.

The best reason to love headphones is that they are available in versatile color options and sizes. Pick the one according to your color choices. Headphones are available with larger drivers with which they deliver excellent sound quality.

In comparison with headsets, headphones are broader and broader in shape. The use of open-back headphones is quite common among music-mixing artists or DJs. But for traveling purposes, you can opt for closed-back headphones with a portable nature.

Similarities between Headphones and Headsets

As we are done by letting you know the main differences between gaming headphones vs studio headphones, now let’s highlight a few of the similarities below:

  • Transducers that can convert audio signals (electrical energy) into sound waves (mechanical wave energy)
  • They are both positioned closer to the ear.
  • Options for the smooth moving-coil dynamic, planar magnetic, or electrostatic drivers
  • Wireless and have powerful active noise-canceling capabilities.
  • Various sound quality differences between both models.

Headphones are both designed to take the audio signals and later on, turn the sound for extra pleasure. Plus, they are often utilizing the same driver types of transducer designs for converting audio to sound.

In both earphones and headphones, one common driver type is known as the moving-coil dynamic. For performing the conversions in various ways, planar magnetic and electrostatic drivers are also common in both devices.

Comparison Table between Headsets vs. Headphones

Wireless CapabilityYesYes
Active Noise-Cancelling CapabilitiesYesYes
Driver Size (Typical Range)7mm – 15mm40mm – 50mm
FitLess UniversalMore Universal
ComfortLess ComfortableMore Comfortable
Driver PlacementInside Ear CanalNear Ear

Which Device to Buy?

  • Why Should You Choose Headsets?

For call center use or for playing games, headsets are the best option left for you. They have immersive sound quality with surround capabilities. Plus, it is also available with a microphone to get a crisp and clear sound.


For gaming fun, some headsets are specifically designed for games. If you do need a headphone without a Mic, then go for the headset option.

  • Why Should You Choose Headphones?

The first reason to choose headphones is their portable nature. They have always remained the first choice of people during travel time. Open headphones have an incredible sound experience which makes them perfect for studio needs.


Some of the headphones are available in foldable nature to easily carry them around. You can get headphones in both wireless and wired forms. If you do need a headphone with a Mic, then go for the headphone option.


For some people, it is not easy to pick one out of headphones or a headset. Brand and quality are the two most important factors which you need to be careful about. Branded ones can have a long-lasting survival time as compared to unbranded ones. Try to invest in something great in sound quality and range.

We have already discussed the headset or headphones differences, similarities, and comparison table above to make your selection process a bit easier. Compare the two and pick the one which goes your music and studio needs.

Which one will you choose? Let us know as well!

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