Best Soundbar for Large Room – Reviews {Buying Guide}

Is a soundbar a good fit for a big room? You can use tons of soundbars for a large space to fill it with ecstatic sound properly as it is manufactured with multiple speakers, subwoofers, and other features that enhance the sound in broad areas. Moreover, it is inspiring and popular because its compact and sleek design makes the environment tidy without lots of speakers clutters, and wiring.

Editor’s Choice
Harman Kardon 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Soundbar

In spite of this, a large spacious room deserves the best soundbar with powerful sound travel throughout the room. A soundbar is a great setup customized with built-in features and all the components included with the purchase. Don’t go only with the audio quality; try and find something that can be customizable to fill large rooms.

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Comparisons of Top 5 Best Soundbars for Large Rooms in 2024

1. Best Large Room: Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4 Soundbar Speakers

“Wireless, 360° Cinema surround, Rear”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Nine modes
  • Sound processing engine
  • Superior sound for large room
  • Powerful quality build

What we didn’t like:

  • Expensive additional parts

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The Nakamichi Pro 7.1.4 is the best soundbar for a large room that delivers 35% soundstage with a tweeter and high-performing speaker drivers. Moreover, it has made its name with HDR-compatible technology by providing a 3D sound system package at a great price. 2-way sound speakers and eight wireless subwoofers distribute the bass equally and have the capability to enhance the sound impact.

Pro 7.1.4 provides 600 Watts of output power to produce the perfect sound for a large room. Also, 7.1.4 channels of the system let you experience theater vibes while sitting on your home couch. With the room optimization button, you can choose different sound modes according to the sound genre. This product made its name based on a great soundbar package at a reasonable price.


  • Technology: RCA, HDMI
  • Weight 46.8 lb
  • Power: battery
  • Dimensions 45.5 x 4 x 3.5
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

2. Best Samsung: Harman Kardon 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Soundbar

“Alexa compatible, Speaker kit, Adaptive sound “


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • 4K pass for videos
  • Wireless speaker set
  • All-purpose sound modes/li>

What we didn’t like:

  • Not much bass
  • Lacks compatibility with Google Assistant

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Get the ideal connectivity for a large room with the best Samsung soundbar. It creates the perfect sound with seven oriented and four projected side speakers. Even though it takes you on an exhilarating journey with Dolby Atmos and DTS virtual X feature. Besides good USB cables, you can connect it through 2 HDMI inputs Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 514 watts of power makes it one of the best soundbars for a large room and justifies its heavy price

Samsung HW-Q904R features built-in Alexa integration for operating the soundbar through voice control. Despite great audio, it is well-designed and is pretty easy to set up. But what makes it worthwhile is its tons of features lies more on hardware than audio processing for its sound quality.


  • Technology: Atmos, DTS X
  • Weight 62.6 lb
  • Power output
  • Dimensions 3.25 x 5.25 x 48.27
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

3. Best Open Room: JBL Bar 5.1 Ultra HD Soundbar

“True pitch, HD Channel, Surround speaker”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Smooth switching between music and movies
  • Multiple ports for connectivity
  • Switchable between channels
  • Easy to use

What we didn’t like:

  • Lack EQ settings

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JBL bar 5.1 is the best soundbar for an open room that can transform the 2.1 sound system into 5.1 in a brilliant way. In addition, 10 hours of battery is enough to power devices that let you enjoy 3 to 4 movies at a time. You can swap simultaneously forward and backward between both wired and wireless connections from the sound shift feature. Also, you can play music from any input or device.

JBL 510w power produces an incredible and impressive output. It has abilities to tackle all kinds of music, delivers crystal clear sound effects low as 35Hz, and base to make the movie feel dramatic. The system required 4K connectivity to produce HD sound for HD videos, while 510-watt power is responsible for high sound quality.


  • Technology: Multibeam
  • Weight 8.7 lb
  • Power corded
  • Dimensions 36 x 2.3 x 3.7
  • Connectivity: Wifi, USB, Bluetooth

4. Best Living Room: Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar

“Ultra-slim, Optical cables, Black subwoofers”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Great price
  • Good soundstage
  • Solid performance
  • Easy audio adjustment

What we didn’t like:

  • Lacks surround depth
  • Remote works slowly

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Polka Audio S2 is perfect for the living room as it has dual modes for music and movies. You can adjust the acoustic from the EQ feature soundbar according to the situation. The voice adjust feature also fills up the room with the ideal sound quality of subwoofers and makes TVs sound clear and crisp. Moreover, this soundbar can be connected through an HDMI link to an HD TV.

Enjoy late-night movies and shows with the Polk Audio night mode feature that keeps the room audio within the room without annoying anyone. To get the best bass, make sure the subwoofer’s position will be according to your acoustic. Switch the movies and music mode through Bluetooth connectivity that helps you stream from any device.


  • Technology: HDMI, Optical
  • Weight 3.80 lb
  • Power: corded
  • Dimensions 3.12 x 35.3 x 2.16
  • Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth

5. Best High Ceiling Room: Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar

“Alexa built-in, Theater vibes, Sound stability”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Bass boost system
  • Accessory kit
  • Optical support and HDMI input
  • voice enhancement system

What we didn’t like:

  • Heavy
  • Time taking setup

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Yamaha Audio Iyaisi-209BL’s minimalistic design and impressive clear voice make it eye-catching. Despite looks, it has built-in subwoofers that will fulfill all your requirements regarding bass. Also, built-in Alexa lets you play music, set timers, listen to the news, control smart devices, and seek knowledge.

Being the best soundbar for a high-ceiling room, it enhances sound clarity and stability with voice audio mode. Besides Bluetooth streaming, it also supports analog, optical, and HDMI connection setups. It’s 2.1 channels, and DTS stimulates the theatre experience with clear voice dialogue delivery, so you will never miss a single dialogue.

Best Soundbar for Large Rooms – Buying Guide

What are soundbars?

If you want to know about soundbars, you should learn that a soundbar is an audio device that transmits sound via multiple loudspeakers contained in a single enclosure. It is designed to receive the audio from a medium and transform it into stereo/surround sound bouncing off the walls and sending audio around your room. It doesn’t need any complicated wiring or speaker boxes throughout the room. Besides, it can be supplemented with a separate subwoofer for better performance.

It is a type of loudspeaker that is much wider and can be mounted above or below a TV or any display device. They are smaller in size, sleek in design, and less expensive. Additionally, it provides a much better sound than the speakers, which are set inbuilt.

How does it work?

Querying about the working of soundbars? You need to learn that soundbars consist of seven speakers placed in a single enclosure. Its purpose is to produce surround sound, owing to a psycho-acoustic effect. It works by bouncing the sound off your walls; as a result, it lets you enjoy superb audio.

Soundbars guarantee you the best sound quality if they are attached to other multi-channel formats. They control your system’s inputs and pass the signals to your main medium ( TV). You may connect subwoofers to the soundbars for this purpose. Bluetooth can be proven a valuable means to transmit sound to another device.

Tips for installing or connecting soundbars

Are you confused about how to connect the soundbar to your TV? It’s time to understand that your TV controls your input selection and then passes the audio signal to your soundbar.

There are some tips to connect the components to your TV.

  1. Deactivate your TV’s speakers and set your TV’s digital audio output to attach a soundbar to it.
  2. Wall-mounted TV with a soundbar on the furniture below is easy to use, which needs only one cable to attach the latter to the former.
  3. You may use HDMI in order to connect your components to your soundbar which is more effective to send digital surround sound through the optical output.

For this purpose, you may certainly need to consider some setup tips and take advantage of all the soundbar features.

Subwoofers: A subwoofer is a good choice in a flexible room setup to get the right sound for you. You only have to activate the subwoofer through the onscreen setup menu, already plugged into the wall.

Soundbar app: Today you have a variety of listening modes for the Soundbar. You only require a remote control app on your device to activate it.

Awesome Tweaks: There are some adjustment options to enhance sound quality and get the most out of the soundbar besides giving a louder sound to your TV. You may enjoy the good-quality sound for movies, games, music, and sports.

Use of Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a beautiful choice for near-limitless listening options like listening to music or watching a video on your phone or tablet.

Features of soundbars:

Here are a few vital features to consider before adding soundbars to the inventory:

Sound: Soundbars with Dolby decoding technology have excellent clear sound and audacity from a large distance. Also, the built-in sound mode provides a more realistic sound experience for any form of media.

Channels: More channels lead to more three-dimensional effects. Channels are used as sound emission points. Moreover, refer to up to 5 channel soundbars that are perfect for releasing immersive top-notch sound.

Subwoofer: For a large room, the additional subwoofer is significant to produce thumping bass music that can spread throughout all corners of the room. We recommend you prefer the wireless subwoofer.

Design: Soundbars with a slim, sleek design make it easy for you to move or mount it anywhere anytime. Some models have rear modules that can create multi-effects and encompass sound for movies and music.

Placement: Set the soundbars first near the wall of the TV or system to achieve the sound coming from multiple directions and to avoid obstructions. Regardless of strategic replacement, choose an adequate soundbar size that doesn’t block IR receivers on TV.

Controls: Remote control features and compatible apps let you adjust and make settings easily. Secondly, you can control the soundbar with the built-in control panel. Also, it can be controlled through a TV remote.

Connection: Wireless and wired are the two methods to connect soundbars with minimal lag, but more convenient is a wireless connection through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also, you can go with digital optical input and HDMI options for great sound without delay.

Our Verdict

Our top pick is the  Samsung Harman HW-Q90R, the best TV soundbar for a large room. Its seven-oriented speakers offer balanced sound throughout the room. Despite this, it’s worth buying and comfortably remote. We also assure Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL minimalistic design that is known for a catchy eye look. Make the right decision by reading the buying guide and reviews above.


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