Best Sennheiser Headphones Reviews {Detailed Guide}

Sennheiser is a high-end and prestigious German brand known for the manufacturing of microphones or open-backed headphones. Are you looking to find wholesome features within one brand? Indeed, you can find a budget, style, and a lot of sounding features with the best Sennheiser headphones. Also, it can satisfy your needs as a pair of headphones for traveling, ear birds for gym and running, and headsets to enjoy music while sitting on the home couch.

Editor’s Choice
SENNHEISER HD 660 S HiRes Audiophile

Picking from such a wide array of audio headsets is an overwhelming process. Despite having a trusted model Sennheiser headphones are pretty reliable, attractive, and perform above their figure. They are tested as well as trusted brand consistent to make different models with a focus on open back quality for various purposes. So, figure out the best for your needs.

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List of Top 5 Best Sennheiser Headphones 2024

Product ImageDetailsRatingPrice
Best Gaming


  • Technology: Wireless, wired

  • Weight 1.77 lb

  • Power: Polymer batteries

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB

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Best Music

Sennheiser HD280PRO

  • Technology: Wired

  • Weight 1.0 lb

  • Power: Lithium battery

  • Connectivity: Cables, USB

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Best Under 500


  • Technology: Wireless

  • Weight 0.67 lb

  • Power: Batteries

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

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Best Mic


  • Technology: Wired

  • Weight 9.4 lb

  • Power: Battery source

  • Connectivity: Pentaconn 4.4mm

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Best Wireless


  • Technology: wired

  • Weight 0.56 lb

  • Power: Battery source

  • Connectivity: Cable

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1. Best Gaming: SENNHEISER PXC 550-II Headphones

“Sensitive touch, noise-canceling & thumping bass.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Active noise cancellation
  • Easy to operate through Alexa
  • Long battery span
  • Sculpted highs with solid performance

What we didn’t like:

  • Feel little tight
  • Limited volume range

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Sennheiser PXC 550 comes with a matte finish design, a comfy banana-shaped headband, and over-ear cups that provide extra cushioning while playing games. Also, the leather padding NoiseGard hybrid blocks the external noises and makes you feel warm in winter.  The switch button lets you change modes between movies and music. Additionally, it can perform for a long after a single charge as it has  30 hour of battery life span; that’s what makes it the best Sennheiser headphones for gaming.

PXC 550-II built-in touch controls perform multiple functions like change in volume, playback controls, and general calls. The capture app operates as the product’s music player, EQ settings adjustments, and battery status indicator. Wave goodbye to unwanted sounds and traffic noise with a 2.0 momentum edge that produces clear and rhythmic sound with the cancellation of noises.

2. Best Music: Sennheiser Pro Audio HD280PRO Headphone

“Changeable momentum, closed-back & cohesive sound.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Controlled and organized
  • Robust, agile base
  • Dramatic sound

What we didn’t like:

  • Not attractive
  • Costly

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Sennheiser Audio HD280PRO is the signature model that is pretty big and carefully clamped with comfort. Supplying 3 meters of three cables that are intended mainly for homes. Despite high amplification, such best Sennheiser headphones for music provide a high-quality source-balanced option to play with a 4.4mm pentagon and XLR4 connection on an amp. 6.3mm of jack gives a crisp, and bolder refined presentation.

Audio HD280 is easy to operate despite the audio quality, so you can listen for hours smoothly and with tonal balance. Moreover, it delivers a dynamic punch and impressive scale that makes it sound great. Plus point is that it indicates its user regarding the recording system if not working well and fixes the problem by resolving power. Being a closed-back headphone, it articulates vocals with a high balance, expressions, and brimming. In contrast, delivers precise power and low frequencies with authority.

3. Best Under 500: SENNHEISER RS 175 RF Headphone System

“Soft ear cuffs, Updated technology, IOS, and Android”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Decent quality
  • Low latency
  • Good isolation
  • Limitless usability

What we didn’t like:

  • Sound leakage

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The Sennheiser RS 175  is versatile enough for all purposes and situations. Full-size pairs of silicone ear tips apply pressure to the momentum, making you feel more comfortable for long listening sessions. Also, it activates Siri and Google Assistant. The noise-canceling feature sucks out background chatter and rumbling sound.

Rs 175 is the best Sennheiser headphone under 500. Despite being affordable, it is switchable through a sensitive control feature that lets you switch between IOS and Android devices. One of its high-end lightweight base station components stores double charging when at rest. Additionally, you can connect headphones to any audio component or TV with a digital connection and a 3.5mm mini-jack at the back of the headphones. Moreover, you can watch TV with a built-in optical connection option that will let you plug the cable directly into the analog output.

4. Best Mic: SENNHEISER HD 660 S HiRes Audiophile Open Back Headphone

“Open back, Audiophile & Balancing.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Rhythmic and energetic performance
  • Convenient usability
  • Effective noise control system

What we didn’t like:

  • Battery life is uncompetitive

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Sennheiser HD 660S can tackle a wide variety of genres, including classical, rock, hip hop, and other audio streaming. The box includes everything you need, like easy-to-wrap cables with a 4.4 mm balance and 1/4 termination points to drive amplifiers smoothly. Furthermore, you can enjoy plenty of volumes with a sensitivity of 104db and an impedance value of 150 ohms to cancel out the background noises.

The HD660S sounds good whenever you feed them from the amplifier’s power. Use amplifiers with Sennheiser headphones equipped with a mic for efficient sound and to avoid compression. Stainless steel fabric features a transducer design that controls the diaphragm movements. Also,  ensure impulse fidelity with aluminum voice coils.

5. Best Wireless: SENNHEISER HD 599 SE Around Ear Headphone

“Open back, solid edges & tough design.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Good battery timing
  • Detailed and balanced
  • Deep bass
  • Solid material

What we didn’t like:

  • Less dynamism

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Sennheiser HD599 SE is so comfortable to wear without neck complaining, although your ears remain cozy with clamp force surrounding them. Its open-back design blocks noise but does little.  This model has competent performance with the key strength of balance and Insight. Also, its clarity paints the detailing of vocals and instruments.

Full frequency range from fairly direct midrange to higher one can be seen through the best wireless Sennheiser headphones. In addition, its depth bass adds the perfect massive attack in tunes.

Best Sennheiser Headphones – Buying Guide Tips 2024

What are Sennheiser headphones?

If you are eager to know about headphones, you must learn that they provide you complete privacy with whatever you listen to. In this regard, Sennheiser headphones are always the best choice for you. They offer you a rich and profound sound without any discomfort or interruption. Moreover, they are renowned for their superb quality of sound. They settle around the ear very comfortably and look very stylish. They are available as both wired and wireless headphones.

Sennheiser provides you with a variety of headphones, headsets, and soundbars to fulfill your requirements. These versatile headphones are modeled in a way that is a perfect match for your indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you are busy with some office work or just relaxing at home, playing sports outside the house, or engaged in domestic chores, Sennheiser headphones make you enjoy your activities while listening to perfect sound.

Types and functions of Sennheiser

When confused about the choice of headphones, you need to know that Sennheiser headphones are available in various sizes, models, and shapes. They can perfectly meet your requirements. You can choose between on-ear, in-ear, and over-ear headphones according to your needs.

  1. On-ear headphones: These headphones with a headband and padded earcups settle on the head comfortably. Being lightweight and foldable, they are ideal for traveling.
  2. In-ear headphones:  In-ear headphones with two small earbuds fit easily into the ear canal. You can adjust them easily in the ear. They are small, easy to carry in a pocket, and perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.
  3. Over-ear headphones: They are perfectly modeled to transfer sound. Being a little heavier than on-ear headphones, you can use them for indoor activities and enjoy the best quality sound you desire.

Purpose and Importance

Are you confused about why to chose Sennheiser headphones? You must know that your choice for this brand is perfect beyond any doubt. Sennheiser is renowned around the world for its first-class microphone technology. No doubt it is one of the best and foremost quality headphones manufacturers.

The details of the importance of these headphones are given below.

  • Innovation: Sennheiser was founded in 1945 in Wedemark. Since then, it has been acknowledged as a well-known company for its top-class, innovative technology regarding headphones, microphones, and many more wired and wireless sound transmission products.
  • Service: Sennheiser is renowned all over the world for its superb service. It offers a 2-year warranty on all cordless products and a 3-year warranty on all corded products. In case of any complaint, you can replace your defective product with a new one.
  • Compatibility: Sennheiser headsets offer you the best quality usage with flawless compatibility at home as well as with your office phone. You will get a refund in full if not satisfied.
  • Versatility: Sennheiser is, undoubtedly, well-known for its variety and versatility. You can attach its system with your computer Volp software to enjoy the best quality sound and crystal clear communication through your computer.

Features of Sennheiser headphones

True Wireless headphones: Like its name, it works on Bluetooth technology; you can freely move the cable by controlling it through a voice assistant. Despite this, you can customize sound settings by using its smart control app.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth headphones come in both in-ear and over-ear headsets. Sennheiser headphones ensure a stable connection with the latest Bluetooth technology convenient to use while traveling without draining your battery. It also features action buttons for skipping, playing, and pausing a track.

Noise-canceling headphones: This feature prevents ambient sound by generating anti-noise. Microphones transmit the ambient noises into an electrical voltage that is further inverted into desired audio. This whole process neutralizes sound components to ensure clear music.

Linear HD: Linear HD drivers are responsible for producing low-frequency sound without distortion. Also, HD headphones incorporate an active guard that protects the ear from sudden volume peaks.

Headsets: Sennheiser functions as both headset and headphones due to built-in microphones. You can take meeting calls while listening to music. Additionally, it offers pleasant sound along with comfortable wear throughout the most extended call.

Our Verdict

We prefer the SENNHEISER HD 660S, the best-branded headphone; that is the updated model with overwhelming features. It has a long battery span and provides comfort to the ears. We also like Sennheiser HD280PRO which is the signature model, good at sound balancing.


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