Best Dj Headphones – Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you are a newbie, an intermediate, or a professional DJ, having a unique set of headphones is something you need to have by your side all the time! Some DJ experts often use regular headphones to mix and match the music tunes, but they are making a genuine mistake to destroy their career.

Editor’s Choice
PIONEER HDJ-X10-S Professional DJ Headphone

Regular headphones do not have that required bass response that you need to give your DJ music better clarity and perfection. In addition, they are not at all helpful in mixing in noisy places. Professional or DJ headphones are fully specialized in monitoring equipment which is all best suited for the DJs.

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Comparisons of Top 5 Best DJ Headphone Reviews in 2024

We compared these top 5 best headphones for DJing on the current market through this comprehensive guide of excellent DJ headphones. Have a look below:

1. Best for Beginners: Sennheiser Pro Audio Sennheiser HD 25 DJ Headphone

“A great headphone for the beginners to mix their favorite music with better clarity and great bass response.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for ears
  • Handles high levels of sound pressure
  • Great sound quality

What we didn’t like:

  • The cord unplugged itself many times

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The HD 25 Light is an excellent and dynamic headphone for recording, monitoring, and outdoor application use. You will find these headphones to be extremely comfortable even if you wear them for long hours. The headphone set features a minimalistic headband and has a unique capsule design that makes it suitable for nightly DJ use.

In addition, these best DJ headphones for beginners are comfortable and lightweight for beginners who are fond of mixing music as a DJ all the time. As a result, you will find these headphones high in demand in the DJ booths at large and small-scale levels.

A few extra accessories included in the headphone box are two cables with the storage pouch and a secondary set of velour ear pads.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a high sensitivity due to the lightweight aluminum voice coils
  • Excellent for handling higher levels of sound pressure
  • Comfortable and light, which makes it easy for you to use it for long hours
  • Comes as a detachable, tough, and single-sided cable
  • For single-ear listening, the headphone has a rotatable capsule

2. Editor’s Choice: PIONEER HDJ-X10-S Professional DJ Headphone

“A completely refined headphone with excellent sound quality for DJ parties in high resolution.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Excellent audio design
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Highly portable
  • Replacement parts available
  • Durable build

What we didn’t like:

  • Sub-bass is missing

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HDJ-X10 over-ear headphones have been wholly refined with the best sound quality to use for DJ parties or festivals easily. It is producing sound quality in high resolution, which ranges from 5 Hz to 40 kHz. And this is made all possible due to the new 50mm driver. So we take it ideal for the DJ monitoring and separate the rich bass tones at high frequencies.

The headphones has coverage of wearable and flexible fitting for long hours of use, where the swivel mechanism makes it comfortable for the ears. Moreover, with the help of nano-coating, you can wipe off sweat and dirt. Furthermore, these headphones can handle knocks and bumps at the time of severe conditions.

A few other accessories are detachable 1.2 m coiled cables with the 1.6 m straight cable. You will also find the L-type mini-jack for preventing any accidental disconnection. It comes with a defined look of black and silver color options with durable construction.

Highlighted Features

  • Having a great and high-quality audio design for a smooth listening experience
  • Capable of withstanding all weather conditions and can function even after long hours of use
  • The polyurethane leather ear pads with a headband cushion can easily wipe off dirt and sweat
  • Features a flexible, durable headband with an adjustable swivel for a comfortable fitting

3. Best for Small Heads: AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ preset Headphones

“An amazing headphone with extra punchy and intense sound representation for DJ parties.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Beautiful design with silk finishing
  • Durable construction
  • Great sound quality

What we didn’t like:

  • Cables might tangle a lot

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It is an excellent presentation of DJ headphones fully configured with the fantastic titanium-coated S02 speaker unit. You will be impressed with the extra punchy and intense sound representation of this headphone which is perfect for DJ parties.

Another good thing about these headphones is that they are perfect for individuals with smaller heads. These best DJ headphones for small heads are in demand because they focus on low-end dynamics and great bass.

They have a vast combination of the sturdy H02 nylon headband with the E02 on-ear PU leather earpads for a comfortable fitting around your ears. Well, this is how you will be getting high isolation for a live performance or for enjoying electronic/bass-heavy music.

Highlighted Features

  • The headphone is engineered with an excellent titanium-coated driver for reducing distortion.
  • It has an internal vent for the middle bass to stay clear and extra punchy
  • Available with the H02 reinforced nylon headband to have a full grip silicone head padding for a better grip
  • E02 ear pads perfect for the closed and additional intense sound representation
  • Includes soft-touch surface, which you can extend to 3.2 meters, and has a 1/4 to 1/8 screw-on adapter

4. Best under 200: PIONEER HDJ-X7-K Professional DJ Headphone

“Professional headphones with advanced drivers to enjoy sound is clean and clear monitoring.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Great quality of sound
  • Is rigorously tested
  • Foldable
  • Durable, refined design

What we didn’t like:

  • Uncomfortable for long-wear

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PIONEER HDJ-X7-K are professional headphones that are available with newly developed drivers. With the help of advanced drivers, you will enjoy sound in clean monitoring at high volumes.

You will also find the 4-core twisted-structure cable, which ensures the premium left and proper channel separation. With the availability of a flexible headband, you can wear these best DJ headphones under 200 for long hours.

These headphones have been designed keeping in mind the flexible nature of DJ music lovers. With the swivel mechanism, you can wear the headphones comfortably according to your preferences.

Highlighted Features

  • The swivel mechanism of the headphone allows you to wear the headphone for long hours without any hassle
  • The durable metal material of the headphones can withstand all weather conditions
  • Includes 50mm drivers for a crystal clear and refined sound
  • Perfectly compact and portable to take it with you on travel time

5. Best in Durability: Technics Foldable DJ Headphones

“Superior in functionality, durable in resistance, and premium with the sound quality for a memorable DJ performance.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Tangle-free cord
  • Perfect for all DJ music styles
  • Designed to last for long

What we didn’t like:

  • Audio Quality is slightly on the lower side

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The EAH-DJ1200 is the best durable headphone to get large-volume sound quality with great clarity in every musical environment. They are excellent in durability, superior in functionality, and premium with DJ playing performance.

You can quickly adapt the headphones in all directions with the help of lightweight on-ear cans. These cans are housed with the lockable 270° swing arm mechanisms with which you can adjust the headphones in any fitting of your choice. In addition, their folding nature makes it portable and best to store between gigs.

Both the head and ear pads of this headphone are made up of durable and soft leather with which you get maximum comfort even after wearing it for long hours.

Highlighted Features

  • Deliver full crispy and balanced sound with 40mm CCAW voice coil drivers without any distortion
  • Included high-durability 2 500 mW input for comfortable monitoring the high-volume surroundings
  • A lightweight headphone that is perfect for all DJ styles
  • Has a foldable nature for neatly storing it and is highly portable
  • Earpads are made up of soft, durable synthetic leather to have greater comfort for everyday use.

Tips to Consider when Choosing the Best DJ Headphones in 2024

After reading out all the individual product reviews, let’s dive into a few of the essential factors you need to keep in mind when choosing any DJ headphones. Have a look below:

Quality of Sound

By sound, it does not mean that you should be concerned about accuracy. DJ headphones should be delivering crispy highs and improved lows to grab an exciting listening experience. When mixing, you need to pay your first attention to hi-hats and kick drums and snares, not the minute sort of sound details. In technical terms, all DJ headphones should have the following:

  • Drivers with a maximum of 40 mm or larger for the thunderous lows.
  • The frequency range needs to be between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz.
  • The impedance of around 25 ohms or even more.
  • The input rating should be maximum.

If the input rating is higher, the lesser distortion will appear at the higher volumes.


The next element is comfort which is a significant factor to consider. As you are into the DJ party for long hours, it is evident that you have to wear headphones for maximum hours, which might be painful for the ears. Therefore, considering the headphones with great comfort is essential. Therefore, before buying, you should check your DJ headphones with:

  • Quality of ear pads
  • Padding inside the headband area
  • Options of adjustment
  • Replaceable cables and ear pads

High Durability

No matter whether it is over the head, around the neck, or in the single-hand-single-ear hold, DJ headphones are all the time playing or twisting with their headphones at the time of performance. Try to look for durable DJ headphones that can easily bear any unintentional abuse. You should check:

  • Quality of headphone materials
  • Strength of joints and hinges

At an average level, the lifespan of an ordinary DJ headphone is from 3-6 months. Loss of sound means your headphone requires a replacement.

Extra Portability and Weight

Most bulky DJ headphones have a durable, rugged look, but they might not be easy to handle when performing at a particular stage. Most of the top-rated DJ headphones are in the materials of aluminum, magnesium, or titanium to make them stay lightweight.

Single-Cord Design

Those headphones which are having more than one cord are yet not DJ headphones. Professional headphones for the DJ are in the single-cord design for simply minimizing booth accidents or tangles.

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Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

Q. Can you use DJ headphones for gaming?

A. It might be a complex thing to answer as it is a mixture of yes and no! Unlike professional headphones, these gaming headphones do not have high sound quality or greater flexibility. But if you are comfortable with not having both of them, then using DJ headphones is ideal for your gaming session.

Q. Can you use noise-canceling headphones good for DJ music?

A. For DJ music mixing, the use of noise-canceling headphones should be your priority. The DJ needs to ignore all the noises coming in the background to focus on the mixing and mastering of the music tracks.

Q. Do you need headphones to DJ?

A. If you yet want to make sure that you are mixing all the tracks perfectly and each beat is excellent, then using DJ headphones is essential.

Our Verdict

As our top recommendation and a perfect choice, the PIONEER HDJ-X10-S is one of the best we experienced. The good thing about these headphones is their design and overall durable construction. Being available in different color options, you are allowed to pick the one that suits your DJ party the best. Furthermore, the involvement of a memory foam earpad will give your ears great comfort even after wearing it for so many hours.


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