Speaker Placement Guide – Know How to Position the Speakers

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Many of us planning to place a speaker set in the house corners are generally unaware of accurate speaker placement. Trust me, putting your speaker set in the right corner will provide a room-filling sound and add extra beauty or elegance to the entire room.

But how is it possible?


Speaker placement is not tricky if you know how exactly you have to place it and in what measurements you need it to be placed. You might not be aware, but a notable one-third to a one-fifth formula is used for speaker placement.

Generally, speaker placement depends on the room size and the type of speaker you are about to place. It’s a fact that for placing speakers on a floor, you have to choose floor-standing speakers. Likewise, numerous other facts and features need to be considered, which we will highlight below for you. Let’s dive into the discussion below:

Distance of the sidewall & back wall for speaker placement?

To minimize the early reflections, you should place the speakers at a maximum distance of 1-2 feet away from the back and sidewalls. You can fully maximize the overall focus and sound stage by reducing such reflective surfaces, toe-in, and radiation patterns.

If we talk about the side and back walls, you have complete freedom to adjust the angle if required. You should adjust them in such a direction that it should point the listener straight.

To have excellent sound across the wider range, you should reduce the toe-in and look for the specific optimal angle.

This toe-in is gradually effective if you are availing just a single listening position at one time.

Best speaker placement height for surround speakers?

To get excellent sound effects, you should place the surround speakers almost 1-2 feet above the ear level. Two primary channel speakers, which are on the right and left, have to be placed 3-4 feet toward the center of the display screen. Speaker placement height should be closer to the ear height of the listener.

 You can also shrink the height of surround speakers if you are using a larger display screen.

Placing your home theater speaker inside the furniture?

If you choose atheism over the logic for the placement of a home theater speaker system, then think about it again! Many homeowners have the temptation always to consider hiding their home theater system from the eyes of guests.

But why!

Doing so is keeping you away from enjoying the best sound quality with precise results. Hiding the speaker within a cabinet or any closed fixture will 100% obstruct the sound waves and give the entire sound a muddled effect.

As an experiment, place both your hands in front of your mouth and speak louder as you can. You will notice that buffering is occurring in your sound. The same is happening with your speaker system too.

The best solution is to avoid placing the home theater speakers inside any closed furniture to have a precise and clear sound.

Applying Speaker Placement Formula of One-third to One-fifth Rule

You have to position the speakers at such a distance through the front wall, which needs to be in the formula of 1/3 to 1/5. This is how the speaker would not be able to produce standing waves or any room resonances.

Hence, you need to angle the whole speaker set in the listening position to follow the rule of golden rectangular. You have to keep both speaker and listening positions in a balancing mode to achieve excellent sound results.

You should never place the speaker in a floor position until they are not floor-standing speakers.

Important Tips to Follow for a Perfect Speaker Placement

For a perfect speaker placement for live sound, you need to follow a few of the essential tips which we are about to discuss below with you:

  • You should keep it miles away from the area of the wall. It is always recommended to place the speaker at a distance of at least one foot toward the side and rear walls. IT might give out an unimpressive bass sound if the speakers are located too much closer to the room wall.
  • If we talk about the tweeters of your speaker set, it should always be at the listening level. By using high speaker stands you can easily adjust the suitable height for the bookshelf speakers. But for the floor-standing speakers, you should go for the floor plinths for the height adjustment.
  • Placing the subwoofer next to the sofa is always the apparent location that many of us choose. But to have a great sound experience, there is nothing wrong with investing in a different position.

The best places for the subwoofer placement can be closer to the listening position or alongside the front speakers.

  • When it comes to the center speaker, you should always align it with the center of your TV set. The Speaker system should be in a position where it should point towards the area.
  • Masking tape is the best tool to mark the speaker positioning if you are experimenting with the placement positions.


So this was a quick and easy-to-follow speaker placement for surround sound and to experience excellent sound quality without any obstructions. We have also shared some additional tips with you, which we are sure will be helpful for you to place your speaker set brilliantly in your room.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with new speaker positions because each room has its criteria for placing the speaker, which brings extra beauty to the entire room.

Follow the guide shared above and see at which corner of the house you want to place your speaker!