How to Make Stickers to Sell? | Start your own Sticker Business

Are you an artist or designer wondering how to make stickers and sell them? Have you been looking for a creative way to earn some extra income? If so, then this blog post is for you!

This post will walk through the different types of stickers you can make and sell, and multiple ways of making stickers that are perfect for selling on Etsy or other online marketplaces. You’ll learn all about what supplies to buy, where to print your designs, how much money you can expect from sales, and more! Read on if you’re interested in learning more.


List of Different Types of Stickers to Sell

As you do a bit of research, you will find that the stickers are available in different variations and types. You can get some great stickers from Etsy Shop in a variety of categories. This variation will make them diverse over the whole process of sticker printing too. Are you looking for regular stickers, or do you want to go with unique ones?

Here we have discussed a few basic types of custom stickers available for you in the market to give you better guidance on stickers. Let’s get into the discussion below:

1. Logo Stickers

You can turn the whole logo into a custom sticker to leave a lasting impression on your brand. You can hand it over to the customers as giveaways, or you can even get them stuck over things such as laptops or cars for the sake of promotion. Plus, you do have the choice where you can also cut it into intricate patterns and some internal cuts on the vinyl material in any shape and size. Make sure you choose the best printer for art printers to do on stickers.

2. Clear Stickers

Coming to the next, we bring for you the option of clear stickers used mainly for promotion purposes.

You can also use it for window signage or big events.

It is often printed on premium weatherproof vinyl; these amazing clear stickers can be die-cut in any shape. Plus, they can be UV coated to add the sticker with more abrasion resistance.

3. Die Cut Stickers

Die-cut stickers are also a common form of sticker designed in any shape and any form. You can have them adhere to the smooth surface both indoors and outdoors. Hence, they can be offered in any shape, size, and quantity.

Hence, these stickers are often moisture; they are scratchy and are based on sunlight resistance. In addition, you will find them available with endless customization possibilities, which makes it come about to be best for business promotions or personal branding.

4. Photo Stickers

Customers can even turn their all favorite photos into stickers and use them for promotional activities. The majority of the photo stickers are available in vinyl material, and you can easily have them pasted over wine bottles, laptops, lockers, or mugs.

Additionally, you will also find their common use over the envelopes for invitation or fridge appliances.

They do stick strong, but they are easy to remove and are best to grab the customers’ attention.

5. Bumper Stickers

Last but not least, we have bumper stickers! These stickers play a vital role in conveying any message to a group of people. Made out of waterproof vinyl, every bumper sticker can easily be printed in full. A label printer will show better results in producing great bumper stickers.

Helpful Tips to Follow to Make Stickers and Sell Fast

Make your Sticker Look Simple

You can never let the world know what your brand is all about with just a small sticker. If you want others to let your brand know better, make sure that the whole sticker has a simple and easy-to-follow design. Be careful with the selection of the design to make it look presentable and attractive.

Bumper stickers are large, so possibly none of us have the time to wait and check out what the sticker is all about. Hence, it would be a better approach to look for the WhatsApp sticker style and develop a mascot or the Snapchat style yet create funny flashy art.

Play with Different Shapes

The next important tip is about playing with various shapes! Circle and square are the two most common shapes that you will probably find in the sticker designs. These shapes are best to add the whole brand image with something funky and yet business-looking. You can use Canva to create amazing printer designs in versatile shapes.

If you want to grab people’s attention, then it would be better to go with some non-orthodox form. Get in touch with a professional sticker designer to learn more about the preferred designs of stickers.

Lesser Detail

For designing any sticker, you need to be less with the details to give our sticker a much more intricate look to understand the customers. It would yet help if you kept it simple and made sure that it is not too bright with the colors or text information.

Funky and brighter stickers are great for the band or any tattoo artist but not for your business.

Match the Colors with your Brand

In addition, you need to be careful about the color matching your brand theme. Be careful with the selection of colors from the palette to make it look presentable and attractive. It would always be the best approach to pick light colors and not too much loud. A light tone of colors is always best for the audience who is old age and is not easy to look at bright colors.

Be Clear with Text Graphics

Last but most important is the text graphics, which need to be added to the custom vinyl stickers. Make sure that the text on the sticker is clear and it is easy to read as well. This is an important point to consider. You can add your sticker with the text graphic in the small artwork so the audience who are not able to see it can check it out clearly.


Hence, when designing any sticker, you need to be careful about the audience you are targeting with your sticker. You are free to sell it both to businesses and individuals. The best approach to making some high profits for businesses is to create customized sticker sheets and sell them at wholesale prices. If the buyers find your work in the best printing quality, they will make their way back.