How To Do Waterslide Decals – Step-By-Step Guide

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The popularity of waterslide decals is rapidly increasing. It is a unique technique that you can use to décor various products like mugs, glasses, and tumblers. Moreover, anyone can easily learn how to do waterslide decals at home.

how to do waterslide decals

Material You Need For Waterslide Decals

Here is everything you will need to create your waterslide decals.

  • Water
  • Printer
  • Waterslide decals paper
  • Spray sealer
  • Plate or bowl
  • Tumbler or mug
  • Cutting machine
HP Laserjet M110we Wireless Monochrome Printer For Decal-Printing

HP Laserjet M110we Wireless Monochrome Printer

It is an amazing decal printer that offers high compatibility with various smart devices. Besides that, HP printer comes with special features like sustainable designs, cloud printing, network-ready technology, and more. Thus, it is an ideal choice for your waterslide decals.

How To Do Decals – Detailed Guideline

To create your colorful waterslide decal, follow the given instructions.

Step 1 – Print And Cut Design

Pick any design you want to create on your waterslide decals and adjust its height and length in the system. Remember that the printable side of the sheet is a shiny one. Thus, while adjusting it in your printer, always place shiny sides down. Moreover, check the printer’s instructions before placing the paper so you can adjust it accurately.

Always use the best quality settings of your printer to get amazing results. Besides that, if you want a black-and-white design, always select the option of black ink only on the printer.

Let the ink and varnish dry for a few minutes to hours after printing so you can easily transfer it.

Step 2 – Soak The Cutout

You have to soak your decals in water for at least 30 seconds. Moreover, place its image-side down in the water. Within a few seconds, the back of the paper will easily slide off. Now smooth out any air bubbles that may be present in the print-out. Besides that, make any minor adjustments if you need them. Once bubbles are out, and your design is in position, leave it dry for 2 to 3 hours.

The time your design will take to dry depends on the climatic conditions. Thus, be patient.

Step 3 – Seal The Waterslide Decals

When you are making a waterslide decal on a surface that you do not need to wash, there is no need for sealing. However, it is always better to seal the image to not smear or fade away over time. Once the image is properly dry, you can use spray sealant to seal it.

Always seal in a well-ventilated area.

Bottom Line

Learning how to do waterslide decals will allow you to enjoy a fun activity with kids or friends. You can give some unique designs to your cups and mugs. Moreover, it is a perfect idea to start a customized mug printing business.

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How To Do Water Slide Decals – FAQs

Q: Is It Possible To Print My Own Water Slide Decals?

A: Using your computer and printer, you can easily create waterslide decals at your home. Moreover, you can design custom decals with symbols, graphics, clip art, logos, photographs, images, and more.

Q: Do I Have To Seal Decals?

A: Yes, you have to seal clear and white inkjet decals to make them durable.

Q: Can I Use a Clear Coat On My Decals?

A: Yes, you can clear coat over your waterslide decals. All you need to do is trace the outline of your decal and wet it. Please wait for a day and apply clear vinyl over it. After that, you can normally clear-coat it.

Q: Are Waterslide Decals Long-Lasting?

A: Yes, they are durable and permanent.