Can You Print On Vinyl?

Craft enthusiasts know that printable vinyl has unlimited options. This material has water-resistance properties. Therefore, you can easily use these indoors and out. Bending it around corners can help you stick the vinyl on virtually any surface.

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Print On Vinyl?

However, with the advent of computer-guided cutting machines, printing on vinyl has become common. Still, people usually ask if can you print on vinyl. Therefore, here in this article, we will explain everything about vinyl printing.


So, here we go:

Can You Print On Vinyl?

People at home usually have inkjet printers. Fortunately, inkjet printers are usually the very first choice for vinyl printing. However, laser printers for vinyl can also work. Usually, people believe that inkjet printers can give more vibrant colors. However, you can also achieve decent printing results with a laser printer.

Moreover, laser print vinyl stickers are usually available in various finishes. So, you can choose your preferred finish based on what exactly you want.

Can I Print On Vinyl With A Laser Printer?

So, here is another one of the most commonly asked questions that you may also have in mind. Well, the answer to this question isn’t that straightforward. Usually, printable vinyl is made for use on inkjet printers. However, you can also use a laser printer for vinyl. At the same time, you must be careful about printable vinyl’s limitations and your laser printer’s parameters here.


Moreover, in the color laser printers for vinyl, the black isn’t as dark as in an inkjet printer.

“Can any printer print on vinyl” simply yes. You can use an inkjet printer, laser printer, and even a Canon printer to print vinyl. Canon printers are ideal for dealing with any level of printing paper thickness. So, these printers can easily print vinyl sheets.

What Do You Need To Print On Vinyl?

Let’s have a look at the things you need to print on vinyl:

A Computer Printer

Inkjet and laser printers for vinyl are some of the most obvious choices. Both of these can work well on printable vinyl. However, before choosing any of these printers, you must learn about their differences and parameters.

These things will help you to choose the right option for printable vinyl.

Vinyl Paper

Vinyl paper or vinyl sheet is the other thing you need to use for vinyl printing. Fortunately, vinyl sheets are something that you can easily find in different craft stores. Moreover, these are also available to buy from different online stores.


Commonly, standard printer stickers contain paper backing. However, vinyl paper comes with vinyl backing.

  • Two types of vinyl papers are usually available out there. These include vinyl sticker sheets and printable vinyl.
  • Both types of vinyl paper can work on the printer. The only difference between these vinyl papers is how your chosen product will stick to these products.
  • Sticker sheets of vinyl usually have more adhesive than others. So, these can leave a glue residue on your printed object. So, these usually are a better option to use in outdoor projects.
  • On the other hand, Printable Vinyl Paper is a better choice if you want to remove the printed decal without causing any glue stain or residue.

Cut It Out

Cutting the vinyl image is the final step of vinyl printing. Crafters usually rely on Cricut or any other computer-controlled cutting option for precise cuts. These machines are suitable for providing cuts with a smooth and professional look.

Moreover, some people also believe that scoring the vinyl paper’s back is vital to ensure easy removal.

So, that’s all for can you print on vinyl, and how to do vinyl printing?