5 Best Skullcandy Earbuds Reviews & Buying Guide

Skullcandy earbuds have always remained the best choice for people. These earbuds have an actual wireless listening experience with a comfortable in-ear modern design.

Editor’s Choice
Skullcandy Indy True Wireless In-Ear Earbud

Skullcandy is a famous brand known for manufacturing excellent quality headphones. Almost all of their models have the availability of wireless Bluetooth technology. They believe in delivering excellent sound performance.

The best thing about the Skullcandy earbuds is that they are stable enough. You can easily fit them into your ears. Long battery life and higher bass are a few aspects that are worth mentioning. You can pick Skullcandy earbuds for both indoor and outdoor activities.

To choose the excellent and best Skullcandy earbuds, here we have a quick review for you. Check out our top 5 picks to grab the ideal one for yourself right now. Have a look below:

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Comparisons of Top 5 Best Skullcandy Earbuds 2024 – Reviews

1. Best wired: Skullcandy Strum In-Ear Earbud

“A flexible and unique earbud design with a high bass and great sound performance for home use.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Great in sound
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Balanced sound with good bass
  • Easy controls

What we didn’t like:

  • The call quality is not excellent

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To have a great piece of Skullcandy’s wired earbud by your side, choosing Skullcandy Strum In-Ear Earbud is something that is a top recommendation. They have a flexible and unique design. Hence users can wear the earbuds without any hassle and comfortably. The earbud is available with 2 extra sets of ear gels for an ideal fitting.

The best thing about these Skullcandy wired earbuds is that they have universal control. Users can switch tracks, take some calls or even adjust the volume. And this is made possible through the use of a remote and in-line microphone. Moreover, with the help of specialized audio tuning, earbuds will produce a dynamic audio performance.

Although Skullcandy Strum is an outdated model for your daily use. But still, they are impressive in their results. The sound coming from the earbuds is so clear, crispy, and high in the midrange.

In addition, these earbuds have a higher treble range which works excellent for the vocals. If we talk about comfort, you can smoothly wear it for long hours. It won’t be giving any pain to your inside ear. They have an excellent noise isolation level. As a result, it can block any distracting sound coming from the surroundings.

Highlighted Features 

  • Superb noise isolating fitting for comfortable wearing
  • 2 sets of extra ear gels for a perfect fitting
  • Access to Microphone to call and have a track control
  • Superior sound performance

2. Editor’s Choice: Skullcandy Indy True Wireless In-Ear Earbud

“A superb wireless earbud with great sound experience, Bluetooth connectivity, and long-lasting battery”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Crystal clear sound
  • Plenty of deep basses
  • Connectivity of Bluetooth
  • Long battery life

What we didn’t like:

  • Earbuds are a little protruding

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Skullcandy Indy True Wireless In-Ear Earbud is an excellent option for an incredible sound experience. However, they do have wireless connection access as well. These good skullcandy earbuds are equipped with the connectivity of Bluetooth technology. Also, a user can sync it automatically to have a premium music experience.

Moreover, it is also available with removable ear gels. These gels are stable enough to fit into your ear without any hassle. They do have a level of sound pressure, which is 95 dB. With such a level, it delivers excellent sound without any distortion at a maximum volume. In addition, they are also having a high bass and a midrange sound output.

Other than that, One exciting thing about these best-quality Skullcandy earbuds is their long-lasting battery life. The battery can survive for almost 16 hours. You will find them capable enough to resist any weather conditions easily. And this is possible with its water quality, IP55 sweat, and 100% dust resistance.

Touch control access is also part of this earbud. With this control, you can track, call and adjust the volume. It is easy for you to attend a call at just one touch!

Skullcandy Indy True Wireless In-Ear Earbud has sound quality, which is exceptionally significant. They have an excellent bass output. And this bass balances all the tones so perfectly. It hit the sound hard and does not get muddy in its midrange frequencies.

Highlighted Features

  • Connectivity of Bluetooth wireless access
  • Use of ear gels for a secure fitting and great comfort
  • 16 hours of long-lasting battery life
  • IP55 sweat, 100% water, and excellent dust resistant
  • Offer touch controls to make calls, choose the track, and adjust the volume

3. Best for running: Skullcandy Ink’d Plus In-Ear Earbud

“A super wireless earbud for your workout routine with great crispy sound effects even at a higher volume.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Available in different colors
  • Built-in microphone
  • Touch control access
  • Modern design

What we didn’t like:

  • The sound quality is not great
  • Loose cord

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Skullcandy Ink’d Plus In-Ear Earbud is a great earbud model for indoor and outdoor use. This earbud is available in different color shades: black, pastel pink, mint, cobalt blue, olive, Moab red, and lavender. Moreover, it is available with a noise-isolating fitting with a built-in microphone to manage all your calls and favorite music.

Nevertheless, compared to the rest of the wireless earbuds, these best skullcandy wireless earbuds for working out have sound quality, which is superb. They are based on higher volume and have deep bass. As a result, it delivers detailed and crispy sound effects. Bluetooth connection and sound quality will stay consistent even during your workout session.

Wearing them for long hours is so comfortable due to their lightweight nature. The whole earbud is surrounded by a neckband that is sturdy and durable. For outdoor activities, these best Skullcandy earbuds for running have a layer of sweat resistance.

Highlighted Features 

  • Touch control access for call and track
  • Available with a Built-in microphone
  • Noise-isolating fitting for comfortable inside ears
  • Extra sets of 2 ear gels
  • 24 months of customer warranty

4. Best for movies: Skullcandy Jib Noise-Isolating Earbuds

“A splash-resistant earbud with great comfort to enjoy your favorite music in a crystal clear sound.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Dynamic range and deep bass
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for ears
  • Conveniently corded

What we didn’t like:

  • The neckband is a bit flimsy

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The Skullcandy Jib earbuds are an excellent addition to your life to wear comfortably during sports activities. These earbuds are great because they are available with splash resistance. Also, have access to a built-in microphone for making some hands-free calls. These earbuds offer the feature of soundtrack control and volume control with VAS.

In addition, these best wireless earbuds for bass have a high level of comfort. They are incredibly lightweight and won’t be giving any clunky feel to your ears at any point.

Another fact that makes these earbuds impressive is their louder volume. These earbuds deliver excellent sound performance to have clear and detailed effects. They are really good for heavy music or enjoying EDM songs.

Highlighted Features

  • Dynamic deep bass with a great range to transform your soundtrack.
  • Available in two various covers of silicone earbuds with noise-isolating fitting
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours to watch movies or enjoy music.
  • The 1.5-meter cord that can conveniently connect to your devices
  • 5 audio-jack is compatible with Google phones, Samsung Galaxy, and iPhone 6.

5. Budget-friendly: Skullcandy Sweat Resistant Sports Earbud

“An earbud with the delivery of clear sound with detailed midrange and a good bass in your budget.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • Affordable
  • Powerful bass
  • Remote touch controls
  • Great sound effects
  • Comfortable to wear

What we didn’t like:

  • The neckband is a bit loose

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The Skullcandy method earbuds are an excellent option for outdoor sports in the streamlined neckband design. These amazing earbuds are incredibly comfortable to wear with the access of secure neckband. Its fit collar design will enable you to get it stable in one place even when you are working out.

Neckband fitting is also available with button controls to adjust your microphone, make some calls and change the volume control.

In short, these earbuds are excellent in delivering a loud and crisp sound with clear bass. You can easily pair them with your smartphone devices for easy compatibility.

Highlighted Features

  • Sweat-resistant technology to block out any moisture during gym
  • Connectivity technology is wired
  • Premium sound technology produces natural vocals with powerful bass
  • Sticky Gels technology is excellent when you are sweating too much.
  • Universal Mic/Remote to manage all your calls and music on your smart device

Best Skullcandy Earbuds – Buying Guide 2024

What are earbuds?

Earbuds generally work as headphones that are not designed to get fitted inside the ear canal. There are some models which are not available with the cushion on them. Hence, they merely act as tiny plastic speakers that are sitting on the ear concha.

What is the difference between earbuds and headphones?

Earbuds, headphones, and earphones are typically different from one another in terms of design and functioning. Earcups of the headphones always embrace the ears’ outer area, and the earbuds enter the ear canal. But they perform this whole function through the use of special accessories. You will find some earphones available with silicone, foam, or rubber ear-tips to make their way into the ear canal.

What are the advantages of earbuds?

Earbuds are popularly known for their ambient noise. You can easily hear any noise or sound from your surroundings. In this way, you won’t be getting an impression if you are away from the environment. You will have privacy when using the earbuds during walking or running.

Key features of a Skullcandy earbud:

  • Impedance: Impedance is generally the main power that will be turning the earbud to enjoy your favorite music. It is also measured in Ohms. An ideal earbud should have an impedance of around 500 Ohms.
  • Frequency Response: You can get an idea about the quality of sound through the frequency responses. The best earbud has a frequency range of a maximum of 20 to 20 kHz. Those earbuds which are working at the lower frequency range generally produce excellent bass quality.
  • Mono vs. Stereo: In a stereo earbud, it is easy to adjust the volume by using a separate audio channel. Through which it delivers improved sound quality. But the mono earbuds are not capable enough to adjust the volume separately.
  • Comfort: For long hours of usage, one must have an earbud with a minimalistic look. The best earbud is the one which is covering the whole outer ear with the access of smaller earbuds in a foam material.

Our Verdict

On the top, we have the best recommendation of Skullcandy Indy True Wireless In-Ear Earbud, which is excellent in delivering sound through the wireless connection option. Bluetooth connectivity enables the user to sync automatically to have a superior sound experience. Easy to get fitted in your ear with great sound pressure makes it worth buying.